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Car Walnut Blasting Repair
Often overlooked, GDI Valve cleaning (aka Walnut Blasting) is an important service for many European auto engines. Walnut Blasting is critical when it comes to maintaining Direct Injection engines. As the miles add up, carbon will build up in your engine. This carbon build-up can greatly limit the airflow through your direct injection engine. At Autowerks in College Station, we offer Walnut Blasting services for all direct injection engines.

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Why It’s Important

In some cases when carbon build-up occurs, it can limit airflow up to 30-40%! This means your engine is not only underperforming but can be straining to maintain the performance you expect. At Autowerks our mechanics offer complete Walnut Blasting service for the area’s most popular European vehicles.

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Things to Know About Walnut Blasting

Our Walnut Blasting service time varies depending on the type of engine in your car and the brand you drive. For example:

  • Volkswagen: 2-3hrs on average
  • Mercedes: 3-4hrs on average
  • BMW: 4-5hrs on average

Another often overlooked service, routine oil changes, can also play a part in the impact that carbon can have on your engine. The longer you wait between oil change services, the more carbon can build up and be harder to clean and remove.

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At Autowerks we believe in quality service for your car. For all Walnut Blasting services our shop continues to use the latest tools and equipment to make sure the job gets done right. Located in College Station, we also help drivers from surrounding areas like:

If your car has a direct injection engine and you’ve never had it serviced, please call or visit our shop today. Our friendly staff is always here to help you take better care of your car..

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