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Peerless Transmission Repair in College Station

Your car’s transmission acts as the nerve center of your car, ensuring smooth shifts and keeping your European vehicle’s performance at the high standard you expect. An issue with the transmission can cause all sorts of problems throughout your vehicle if left unrecognized so it’s important to have your vehicle regularly checked. If you’re in the College Station area and your European car is having transmission issues then see why so many drivers have turned to the expert mechanics Autowerks for over 30 years.

Servicing the Most Popular Brands

At Autowerks we specialize in transmission repair and service for the area’s most popular European brands including:

These vehicles are known for their superior performance and our mechanics have decades of experience with transmission replacements and repairs to help restore them to their high performance capabilities.

Repairing All
Transmission Issues

With something as vital as the transmission there are multiple issues that can occur over time and as the miles add up. If you begin to recognize any of these signs then it’s important you schedule an appointment with our shop as soon as possible:

  • Delays shifting from park to drive
  • Transmission slipping (changing gears on its’ own)
  • Grinding sounds when shifting
  • Burnt smell under the hood
  • Car shakes at any speed

Our shop uses the latest equipment and materials available for all transmission repairs and even replacement to ensure accurate services that will last.

Call or Visit Today

If you’re in the College Station area and you’re beginning to suspect transmission issues in your vehicle please call or visit Autowerks today. Our mechanics have helped drivers with the cars for over 30 years and we’re here to make sure that you can continue to get the best performance possible.

Are You Due For Service?

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