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Unbeatable Air Conditioning Service & Repair in College Station

A working air condition has become much more than an added amenity, it’s a necessity come the hot summer months. However if you don’t keep up with proper services throughout the entire year there’s a good chance that you’ll be stuck with an A/C that doesn’t work or even worse, blows hot air at the worst possible times. Minor services and maintenance throughout the year can also help you avoid expensive repairs to the A/C system should it begin to show signs of damage or wear and tear. Instead of waiting until it’s too late call the experts at Autowerks in College Station today and see how our mechanics can help take better care of your European vehicle.

Our Specializations

Our team excels in dealing with a wide range of esteemed European brands, including:

For over 30 years we’ve helped drivers continue to take proper care of their European vehicles and keep their A/C and heating system properly functioning and we guarantee to get the job finished quickly and done right.

Car Repair & Service

Common Signs Of Battery Issues

  • Engine Cranks Slowly or Not at All: A slow cranking engine when you start the vehicle, or it not starting at all, can be a sign of a weak or dead battery.
  • Dim Headlights or Interior Lights: If the headlights or interior lights are dimmer than usual, it might be due to a failing battery.
  • Warning Lights on Dashboard: The appearance of the battery light or check engine light on the dashboard can indicate battery problems.
  • Swollen Battery Case: A battery case that appears swollen or bloated is a sign that the battery is malfunctioning and needs replacement.
  • Corroded Battery Terminals: White, ashy substance on the metal parts of the battery could be a sign of corrosion, which can lead to battery issues.

Comprehensive Battery Solutions

  • Diagnostic Assessment: We begin with a thorough check to assess your battery's condition, ensuring that a replacement is indeed necessary.
  • Quality Replacements: We use only the highest quality batteries, specifically suited for your European vehicle's needs.
  • Expert Installation: Our technicians are adept in the precise installation techniques required for your unique brand and model.
  • Electrical System Check: Post-installation, we perform a comprehensive check of the electrical system to ensure optimal performance.

Serving the Greater College Station Area

In addition to College Station, we're proud to extend our services to customers in surrounding areas, including:

Why Choose Autowerks?

  • Specialized Expertise: Our focus on European vehicles sets us apart, providing a level of service that general auto shops can’t match.
  • Customer Satisfaction: We prioritize your experience, ensuring every visit to Autowerks leaves you confident in your vehicle’s performance.
  • Commitment to Quality: With state-of-the-art equipment and a team of experienced professionals, we guarantee a service that meets and exceeds expectations.

Visit Us Today Today

Don’t let battery issues slow you down. Trust the experts at Autowerks for all your battery replacement needs. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and experience the difference in specialized care for your European vehicle.

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