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  • Is Your Volvo Engine Running Rough? It Could Be a Camshaft Position Sensor Issue!

    Volvo Engine Running Rough

    Volvo has garnered a reputation for itself as being best in class in terms of sleek design and powerful performance. However, like other luxury cars, the Volvo is susceptible to certain issues and prominent among them is the rough running of the engine which is caused due to a camshaft position sensor failure.

    Along with rough running of the engine, the camshaft position sensor failure will lead to a host of other problems in your Volvo. Here in this article, we will discuss the problems caused due to camshaft position sensor failure in Volvo.

    Issues Caused Due to Camshaft Position Sensor Failure

    Engine Stalling

    The engine is the heart of your vehicle and the functioning of the camshaft position sensor is intricately related to the optimal running of the engine of your Volvo. No doubt you are going to experience rough running of the engine but the issue is not going to be limited to this because you are also going to experience engine stalling problems.

    This is a serious issue and it won’t be evident during the initial phases of camshaft position sensor failure. The camshaft position sensor is responsible for keeping a tab on the functioning of the camshaft & the data collected by it is sent to the engine control module (ECM) which alters the flow of fuel to the engine.

    Now, any discrepancies in the data sent to the ECM would result in an inadequate quantity of fuel flowing to the combustion chamber leading to engine stalling issues. In addition to this, some drivers have reported experiencing engine misfires in their Volvo indicating something is seriously wrong with the camshaft position sensor.

    Reduced Miles Per Gallon

    Well, being an owner of Volvo you might not have ever glanced seriously at the fuel gauge on the dashboard of your vehicle. Most high-end car owners think that as they are driving a luxury vehicle equipped with a powerful engine its fuel mileage is going to be low in comparison to other vehicles.

    However, this misconception needs to be cleared right away because like other cars your Volvo is also going to have a fixed miles per gallon both while driving on the highway and also in the city. Now, after learning about this if you observe that there is a drastic drop in the gas mileage of your luxury car then it indicates issues in your car.

    Mostly the reduced miles per gallon are caused due to a faulty camshaft position sensor as it relays erroneous information to the ECU it leads to higher amount of fuel being delivered to the combustion chamber than what is required and this leads to an abrupt drop in the miles per gallon of your vehicle.

    Starting Issues

    Generally, the starting process of your car should be very smooth and without a hitch. Moreover, the starting process is very complicated with a host of components taking part in the whole process. However, with a bad camshaft position sensor under the hood of your car, the starting process is going to get derailed.

    You will notice that your vehicle will crank but the engine will fail to turn over indicating serious issues under the hood of your vehicle. There are several factors that can cause starting issues in the car and the challenge lies in identifying the faulty components in your car.

    The majority of times malfunctioning camshaft position sensor is the root cause behind the problem. However, there are other components that can also cause starting problems and that is why it is critical to rope in a certified mechanic who can diagnose the real cause behind the starting problems in your car.

    Check Engine Light

    There are several warning lights located on the dashboard of your car and the check engine light is one such warning light that illuminates whenever there is something wrong in the car. The moment your onboard computers detect issues with the camshaft position sensor, the check engine light is going to turn on the dashboard.

    Nevertheless, the check engine light can flash due to other issues in your vehicle and that is why taking your Volvo to a professional mechanic for inspection and taking remedial measures is necessary.

    Get In Touch With Autowerks For Fixing Your Volvo

    Autowerks, located in College Station, TX is Volvo Camshaft Position Sensor Check one of the most sought-after auto repair & service centers in the entire area that specializes in fixing luxury European cars including your Volvo. We have a team of certified mechanics who have years of experience in fixing complicated issues affecting Volvos.

    We take care of Volvos not only in College Station but also in the surrounding areas of Brenham, Bryan, Caldwell, Madisonville, and Navasota. At Autowerks, we are committed to providing the best in class maintenance & repair service to help bring your Volvo back on track. Give us a call today to schedule your vehicle’s next appointment.

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