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    BMW Clutch Issue

    Does your BMW’s clutch fail to work properly or are you facing difficulty in smoothly shifting the gears? A faulty clutch is one of the most common issues with many manual transmission cars, including BMWs. We’re here to lead you through the process of fixing clutch problems in your favorite BMW car. Let’s look at the various symptoms of clutch problems, probable reasons, and practical solutions to get your BMW running smoothly again.

    Understanding the Clutch System

    The clutch is an important part of a manual transmission system that is used to engage and disengage the engine and transmission. When you push down the clutch pedal, it separates the engine from the transmission system, so that you are able to move the gears smoothly. Once you let the pedal go, it will engage the engine and the transmission back so that power will be transmitted to the wheels.

    What Makes Your BMW Clutch Malfunction?

    • Worn Clutch Disc: The clutch disk experiences friction every time you use the clutch to change gears in your BMW. This friction can degrade the clutch disc, causing such symptoms as slipping, where the engine revs increase while vehicle speed does not increase, or you experience difficulty in disengaging the gears.
    • Faulty Pressure Plate: A pressure plate has the role of applying pressure to the clutch disc in order to engage and disengage it from the flywheel. The function of the pressure plate can be impaired if it wears out or gets damaged. This may prevent the clutch disc from applying enough force to the clutch leading to clutch slippage or difficulty disengaging the clutch.
    • Worn Release Bearing: The release bearing (or the throw-out bearing) is positioned between the pressure plate and the clutch fork. Its function is to disengage the clutch once the pedal is pushed down. After some time, the release bearing may become faulty, which can manifest in the form of unusual noises when the clutch is engaged or difficulty disconnecting the clutch.
    • Contaminated Fluid: Clutch fluid may also become contaminated with dirt, water, or air which can lead to a hydraulic system malfunction. Contaminated hydraulic fluid is a source of trouble that can cause a spongy clutch pedal, a problem with shifting gears, or clutch slippage.

    How To Fix BMW Clutch Problems

    • Clutch Adjustment: Sometimes, clutch problems are fixed by adjusting the free play of the clutch pedal or tightening the clutch cable. This adjustment permits the clutch to engage and disengage in a correct manner and hence, results in smooth gear changes.
    • Clutch Fluid Flush: Flushing the clutch hydraulic system and exchanging the fluid can be an efficient way of removing any particles and air bubbles. This procedure revives the clutch pedal’s “feel and performance” so that it functions correctly and the clutch mechanism operates properly.
    • Clutch Replacement: If any part of your clutch like the clutch disc, pressure plate, and release bearing becomes worn, you have to replace them as soon as possible. After replacement, you’ll see that the performance of your clutch will be restored and it will give you a smoother gear shifting.
    • Professional Inspection: If you do not know the reason for clutch problems inside your BMW, it is advisable that you take the car to a qualified mechanic or a BMW specialist. They can do the diagnostics very accurately to find any hidden problems. This method ensures that the right solution is used to repair the clutch problem.

    Come To Autowerks For All Your BMW Transmission Issues

    At Autowerks we are proud to be the best shop for European car owners in College Station, TX, providing BMW Clutch Repair cost-effective services that are a class of their own compared to the dealership services available. Our skilled technicians have served BMW and other European brands since 1975 and we have an excellent reputation among our customers for high-quality workmanship.

    Whether your BMW suffers from clutch failure or any other problem, we are confident that our experienced technicians will diagnose and fix the problem for you in a smooth manner, giving your BMW its original performance. We do not only serve drivers in College Station, TX, but also areas like Brenham, Bryan, Caldwell, Madisonville, and Navasota, TX. Call us today at 979-690-3032, and we will make sure that your BMW is running the way it should with no delay!

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