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  • Air Strut Failure in Rolls Royce: Causes & Symptoms

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    Owners of Rolls Royce vehicles expect a certain amount of comfort, luxury, and dependability with their high-end automobiles. For the most part, that is precisely what they get but a commonly-seen problem is with the air struts and the air suspension system. If you think you are facing such a problem, you may be wondering what symptoms to watch out for and the exact cause of this problem.

    Causes Air Struts and Air Suspension System Issues

    Rolls Royce has an innovative automobile manufacturer. They bypassed conventional shocks, which rely on a hydraulic system, and replaced them with a compressed air system. The reasoning for this is that compressed air creates a more cushioning feeling compared to conventional shocks. This gives the Rolls Royce an even smoother and more comfortable ride.

    However, sometimes innovation comes with some bumps in the road. Although this system was innovative and will be used for future models, many customers have complained that they have issues with it and wonder about the causes. One of the most common reasons for this problem is a leak.

    Leaks lower the overall air pressure. Although the compressor in the Rolls Royce is automatically controlled, when the air pressure is not available, this causes a problem where the compressor can not keep up with the demand.

    Unfortunately, if this is not caught promptly, the air compressor could fail completely. When this happens, it will feel like your car has no shocks at all. It may be the bumpiest ride you have ever encountered.

    Sometimes the problem is not caused by a leak at all, but because the sensors failed. This is a rarer cause but it is possible, so it is important to bring your Rolls Royce to a trusted mechanic who specializes in your model.

    Symptoms of Failing Air Struts

    So now you have a greater understanding of what causes issues in the air struts but probably want to know how to detect a problem. Below are five common symptoms of a Rolls Royce that needs service due to issues with the air compressor system:

    • Your Rolls Royce is riding lower than usual: One of the symptoms you might notice is that your car seems to be riding lower than before. This is usually not a huge difference initially. Hence, it is easy to overlook or even not know what exactly is wrong. However, if you drive your car all the time, you may just know it feels different.
    • It may lean more to one side than the other: Another symptom you might notice is that your car is leaning more significantly to the left or the right side than usual. Most times, you will see this in the front of the vehicle, but it is possible to happen in the rear.
    • It may feel like you have no shocks at all: A more common and obvious symptom of your air struts failing is the actual feel of the ride. If your car ride starts to feel bumpy and uncomfortable, especially if this is entirely unlike what you are used to, there may be a problem. The air compression system and air struts are a replacement for traditional shocks. If your car feels like you have no shocks, there is a problem with the system. You should call your car technician and make an appointment right away to get your Rolls Royce diagnosed so you can go back to having a smooth ride again.
    • You hear weird or abnormal noises while driving: Another potential symptom is hearing weird or strange noises coming from the compressor when you are driving. Some of these sounds could be whining, grinding, or loud clicking noises. This could indicate a problem with the compressor’s fan or motor.
    • The compressor will not turn on at all: The final sign is when your compressor will not function. This will cause an extremely bumpy and rough ride, which is the opposite of the comfort and style you’re used to in your Rolls Royce.

    Autowerks For All Your Rolls Royce Needs

    If you think your Rolls Royce air struts are Rolls Royce Air Suspension System Inspection on the way out or that your compressor needs to be replaced entirely, call and make an appointment with our experts at Autowerks. Our master-level technicians will properly diagnose and repair your vehicle quickly and affordably. We serve European and luxury cars in Brenham, Bryan, Caldwell, Madisonville, Navasota, College Station, TX. Call us today and allow us to show you why we’re your best choice for your luxury car service and maintenance.

    * Rolls-Royce Ghost image credit goes to: josefkubes.

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