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    MINI Check Engine Light

    Minis are reliable and fun vehicles with classy designs and powerful engines. Even though Minis are known for their durability and quality parts, they are still susceptible to system malfunction in the long run. Their components can eventually decay or break down especially if you don’t practice routine maintenance.

    One common part of a Mini that’s usually malfunctioning is the VVT or Variable Valve Timing. As a Mini owner, you should take note that the VVT is a very important part of your car’s engine. If it’s not repaired right away with the help of a professional auto mechanic who’s experienced in handling Mini car issues, then it can potentially cause an even serious problem to your vehicle. Let’s take a look at how VVT can cause more damage to your Mini and how you should deal with it.

    What is Variable Valve Timing or VVT?

    VVT is a very important component of a Mini since it helps enhance your engine and overall running performance. VVT can improve the quality of your driving since it helps in regulating exhaust cycles. It works closely with the stroke of your engine.

    The VVT also ensures that the fuel of your Mini is consumed well while it operates. This helps you drive easier and faster as the VVT adjusts the right timing of valves.

    Symptoms of a Failing VVT

    Keeping yourself informed of the most common signs and symptoms of VVT failure in your Mini will help solve the problem and keep future untimely and costly repairs. This means that if you spot these signs, you should contact your professional Mini mechanic right away to diagnose it properly and reduce the risk of damaging your entire vehicle.

    Below are the top 4 most common signs of a failing VVT in Minis:

    • Fluctuating Engine: If your Mini is experiencing VVT failure, chances are your engine will not work properly and the gears will start to malfunction. This can lead your car to stall and prevent you from driving well. Since your engine is malfunctioning, it’s very dangerous to drive your Mini in this state. To avoid accidents on the road, make sure to report it to your trusted auto technician right away so they can check your car at the soonest time possible.
    • Your Check Engine Light is On: There are many reasons why your car displays an activated check engine light, and of these is a malfunctioning VVT. The check engine light turns on whenever there are problems in the engine or the other systems or components surrounding the engine. So, since VVT closely works with your engine, there’s a possibility that the check engine light will activate if it’s starting to fail.
    • Dirty Oil: Your Mini’s VVT can eventually fail if it works with dirty or expired oil. In order for your VVT to work properly, you need to make sure that your vehicle has clean oil since VVT can be easily invaded by dirt. Once you notice that your vehicle has dark oil, it may mean that your VVT isn’t working properly anymore. Since the oil is overly contaminated already, the functionality of your VVT is affected due to the clogged valves. This is why it’s highly recommended to maintain a timely oil change to keep your VVT, engine, and the other important components retain their optimal condition.
    • Lowered Gas Level: Since VVT helps to prevent fuel wastage, you will notice a decrease in your gas mileage if it’s malfunctioning. If there’s a sudden drop in how your Mini carries fuel, then there’s a big possibility that your VVT is failing and may need repair right away. If this is the case, it’s recommended to ask help from professionals to check the sensor of your VVT if the issue can still be repaired or if it really needs replacement. These components are very complicated so it’s best that you only contact an auto repair company who specializes in repairing Minis.

    Autowerks Will Repair a Failing VVT in Your Mini

    Autowerks will help with your car problems MINI Oil Changequickly and affordably. Our mechanics are trained and certified in repairing Mini models. When you bring your car to us, you can be worry-free, knowing that your car is in the good hands of experts who are trained in your car’s intricacies.

    If you’re in Brenham, Bryan, Caldwell, Madisonville, Navasota, or College Station, TX, you can rely on us for all your car care needs. Give us a call or come in today to discuss how we can help you!

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