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  • Best Garage in College Station to Fix Your Jaguar’s Damaged ABS Accumulator

    Jaguar Brake System Issue

    When dealing with powerful and high-performing cars like Jaguar, it is important to make sure all the parts under the hood are working perfectly. Every individual component is essential to a vehicle, but one as important as the ABS accumulator should be treated carefully.

    The ABS accumulator is a byproduct of the Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS) on your vehicle. This system is responsible for ensuring the driver can properly operate their steering wheel. In an emergency, the ABS system ensures that you retain traction with your tires and can come to a complete stop safely.

    To bring a 3000-pound vehicle to a quick but safe stop takes pressure. An ABS accumulator passively gathers that necessary pressure and stores it. When the ABS system is activated, the pressure is taken from the accumulator so that your ABS system can pump the brakes for you.

    Damaged to an ABS Accumulator

    Neglecting to get your car serviced when the ABS Accumulator is damaged is a dangerous thing. Without the accumulator gathering pressure, your vehicle’s entire ABS system is shot. This can have horrible consequences if you find yourself in an emergency situation and make demands on your braking system that it cannot fulfill.

    Fortunately for drivers, there is a large sign of a damaged ABS accumulator that is easy to spot. If you are attempting to slow down your vehicle but the brake has little to no resistance whatsoever, pull to the side of the road immediately and call for a tow to a trusted repair shop.

    In a performance-based Jaguar, you will be able to tell when your brake system is having problems. The most important thing to do is stop driving and trust a professional to service your vehicle and get it back to the high-performance you love.

    Fixing a Damaged ABS Accumulator

    The classic debate when wondering where to service your vehicle is between a dealership or a service shop. In this situation, a service shop is the better of the two options. Oftentimes, you can be hard pressed to get someone to quickly look at your vehicle at a dealership.

    With a faulty ABS accumulator, speed is everything. For that reason, taking your Jaguar into an auto shop is the best bet. On that note, there are some options. While there are pluses and minuses to any auto shop, a general mechanic shop may not have the parts necessary to service your vehicle. A shot ABS accumulator is not a universal fix and there is no guarantee they will have the technical knowledge you need.

    For ensuring the proper service of your Jaguar, a car manufactured in England, a European car shop is where you should go. Not only will a specialized shop have the parts you need, but they will also have the know-how to solve your unique problem.

    Between the two options, a European mechanic shop wins everytime. Besides the above reasons, a European car is manufactured in a very specific way with a lot of care. Many general auto shops will not treat your vehicle with that same care and quality.

    Here in College Station, however, there is a shop that can help service your Jaguar needs while providing top notch service and customer care: Autowerks.

    Autowerks Will Fix your ABS Problems

    At Autowerks, we are a highly-rated European service shop who will solve vehicle problems Jaguar ABS Unit Check other shops just cannot. From preventative maintenance to engine diagnostics, we have seen it all and guarantee we can fix your unique problem.

    Proudly serving the areas of Brenham, Bryan, Caldwell, Madisonville, Navasota, and College Station, TX since 1975, our mission is to restore your car to its former glory. Our prompt and courteous personal service will bring about your satisfaction when you take your Jaguar here to be serviced.

    To give your car the quality of service it deserves, contact us to book an appointment today. Also feel free to come visit us at our location on Victoria Avenue to see why we are the best in the business. We here at Autowerks look forward to making your car servicing experience a pleasant one.

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