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  • Common Reasons for Land Rover Starting Problems

    Land Rover Starting Problem

    Land Rovers are hard working cars that nowadays put the luxe into practical motoring. Designed to conquer all manner of challenges, these titans of the motoring world are now perfectly tailored to the rigours of day-to-day life, making a great family car or multipurpose vehicle.

    However, something which can definitely throw a wrench into any plans for the day is a vehicle that will not start. As Land Rovers are so reliable, it is likely that with the correct maintenance standards, this will never happen to you. However, with time and age, the risk of starting issues does increase. With all things considered, in this article, we’ll be looking at some of the top reasons why your Land Rover won’t start.

    Dead Battery

    This is probably the number one reason as to why your Land Rover is unable to start. This can happen for a number of reasons. The battery is what gives your vehicle the initial spark of energy to being the starting motions, and without this, your car simply won’t be able to wake up. Oftentimes, a dead battery is caused by driver error, such as accidentally leaving the lights on overnight. It can also be caused by parts failure sure as a worn out battery, issues with the alternator, poor conductivity, or loose wires.

    Either way, a dead battery will leave you without a working car. Until it is charged or you receive a jump start, your Land Rover is stationary.

    Faulty Ignition Switch

    If you’ve ruled out issues with your battery and are still left with a Land Rover that doesn’t start, your
    next likely culprit is a defective ignition switch. If you’ve not yet ruled out the battery as the culprit, you can do so by turning on your headlights. This will rule out your battery, as your headlights and dashboard are powered by the battery and not the engine. So if they are working fine, it means you need to look for another issue.

    Defective Starter

    Another common reason why your Land Rover is unable to start is a broken starter motor. The starter is an electronically-powered motor which is connected to your vehicle’s battery. Its prime job is to set the ignition cycle in motion, priming the pistons, crankshaft, and other essential parts when the ignition switch is turned. However, if the starter isn’t working correctly, your Land Rover will not receive the signal that it is time to go when you turn the key, resulting in a car that won’t start.

    Clogs in the Fuel Filter

    If you develop a large clog in your fuel filter, it will mean that fuel is unable to reach the engine. Of course, it goes without saying that without fuel in your engine, your vehicle is going nowhere. To avoid this, you should make sure you change your fuel filter at least every 15,000 miles. You should have your fuel filter checked each time you take your Land Rover in for servicing.

    Empty Gas Tank

    Again, it goes without saying that without gas in the tank, your Land Rover simply isn’t going to move. It may seem like an empty tank is a silly reason for an unstartable car, but you’d be surprised how many drivers have simply forgotten to keep their gas topped up! However, driver error isn’t the only reason why your gas tank might be empty, as a faulty fuel gauge sender unit or a faulty fuel level gauge can also mislead drivers when it comes to the fuel levels in their Land Rover.

    Proper Maintenance and Servicing

    Of course, the number one way to avoid Land Rover Dead Battery any issues starting your Land Rover is to ensure your vehicle’s servicing history is up to date. Keeping on top of maintenance helps ensure any problems are spotted early and can be dealt with efficiently and at less cost to you.

    If it has been a bit since your Land Rover’s last service and you live in or around College Station, Brenham, Bryan, Caldwell, Madisonville, Navasota, CA, then Autowerks is on hand to help. We are specialists in European vehicles. Call us today or stop in for a consultation.

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