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  • Experienced Repair Shop in College Station Can Fix Check Engine Light Issues in Audis

    Audi Check Engine Light

    Audi is known for pushing the boundaries of vehicular perfection, be it in terms of design, function, or technological advances. Time and again, they have turned the tables on what it means to be a high-end vehicle, constructing a persona and product with one goal in mind: to test all limits.

    Unfortunately, like all vehicles, Audis are not immune to occasional mechanical or technological failure. Sometimes, this is due to their willingness to push boundaries, such as the issues that cropped up with their unique digital dashboard design. Other times, the issue is a simple mechanical error that occurs with normal wear and tear, such as the illumination of your dashboard check engine light (CEL).

    The Check Engine Light Itself

    The check engine light is a vital component of your Audi’s onboard diagnostics system, or OBD. When this light illuminates in orange on your dash, that’s a sign that your Audi has detected an issue somewhere in your vehicle’s OBD. While some issues may not be immediately serious, others can have severe consequences if not addressed immediately.

    What to Do if Your Check Engine Light Comes On

    If your check engine light comes on, the best course of action is to take your vehicle to an experienced Audi specialist as soon as possible. While some problems may not show other symptoms, the potential causes are vast, and a few can be serious. Certified mechanics will have the diagnostics tools available to examine the problem in depth, such as an Autologic or VAG-COM computer system.

    Your check engine light may also flash on in conjunction with another light, such as your oil level sensor. If this is the case, especially if your vehicle is exhibiting symptoms of low oil pressure or an overheated engine, you should pull over and cut the engine as soon as you safely can.

    Additionally, if your check engine is flashing, you should stop driving immediately and call your mechanic, as your vehicle is likely no longer safe to drive.

    Potential Causes of a Check Engine Light

    Loose gas cap

    This is the most common cause of an illuminated check engine light. If your gas cap hasn’t been tightly screwed on, simply tightening it should fix the problem. After the issue has been resolved, it may take a day or two for your check engine light to turn off again.

    Faulty oxygen sensors

    Your oxygen sensor measures and regulates the amount of oxygen and fuel in your engine emissions. If this is the issue, you may notice increased fuel consumption and reduced power in your engine. A bad O2 sensor can lead to problems such as damaged spark plugs or failed catalytic converter, so it’s important to address this issue immediately.

    Failed catalytic converter

    Your catalytic converter is responsible for converting carbon monoxide into carbon dioxide. If your converter is experiencing issues, you may notice that you have difficulty accelerating uphill, or even at all. If your converter fails completely, it will have to be replaced; however, having regular oil changes should help prevent this problem.

    Worn out spark plugs

    Spark plugs are responsible for conducting the electrical currents that ignite your fuel in the combustion chamber. If you have worn spark plugs, you may notice issues starting your vehicle or accelerating, increased fuel consumption, or even a shaking engine. If this is the issue, your mechanic will replace your spark plugs.

    Autowerks of Texas Will Help

    If you’re experiencing a persistent check engine light in your Audi, bring your vehicle by Autowerks of Texas today. Audi Spark Plug Check Autowerks serves all areas of Brenham, Bryan, Caldwell, Madisonville, Navasota, and College Station, Texas, for all high-end vehicle needs. We service European and luxury models exclusively, so you know that you are getting the best expertise without the hassle and expensive cost of visiting the dealership.

    Our technicians have over four decades of experience working with Audi models of all price ranges and ages. We know that you desire that your mechanic take the same level of care of your vehicle as you do. Our shop is BOSCH certified and uses only the factory-grade equipment that you would find at a dealership for better service and better prices.

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