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  • Expert Analysis of a Pressure Control Valve Failure in a Rolls Royce in College Station

    Rolls-Royce Phantom

    Rolls Royce is well-known for being a sophisticated, cultivated automotive brand with a mind for excellence. When investing in such a car, it’s important to maintain it to ensure your driving experience is everything Rolls Royce intended it to be. It’s also smart to stay on top of problems so they can be fixed before turning into a major headache and expensive repair bills.

    Part of this routine maintenance involves the pressure control valves. There are multiple such valves in a Rolls Royce, and they each play a vital role in the vehicle’s performance, comfort, and quality. Let’s review the types of pressure control valves, what they do, what happens when they fail, and how you can tell which valve or valves are the culprit.

    Types of Pressure Control Valves in a Rolls Royce

    • Suspension valve: On newer models, air suspension is used, and valves to control the height of the vehicle are used. If these fail, you might notice the vehicle seems to be lower than usual or even lopsided if a valve fails on just one side. Older models used height control valves, which can be susceptible to wear and lead to loss of height. This will lead to loss of ride quality.
    • Oil pressure valve: Oil is the lifeblood of your engine. It needs to be able to flow to the proper locations in order for the vehicle to run properly. If the oil pressure valve fails, you might notice oil leaking on the ground where your car is parked. A low oil pressure light might illuminate on your dashboard. This leak can lead to problems with the vehicle not starting at all or can even lead to engine damage if oil leaks to the point that there is no longer sufficient oil to lubricate the engine.
    • Crankcase ventilation valve: This valve helps the exhaust fumes exit the vehicle. Upon failure, the car might be hard to start or it could backfire. A backfire means the combustion process, which normally occurs when the air/fuel mixture is ignited in the car’s cylinders, occurs in an unsynchronized manner. This can cause loud bangs, loss of power, and reduced fuel efficiency. Fuel is essentially being wasted, so you might notice having to fuel up more than usual. Alternatively, you can often check the average MPG on your dashboard in many cars, allowing you to precisely pinpoint how much fuel that might be wasted in this condition.
    • Fuel pressure valve. As discussed in the above bullet point, the air/fuel mixture is what allows combustion to occur. Without the right amount of fuel at the right time delivered to the cylinders, multiple problems can occur. For example, too much fuel can lead to dark exhaust smoke, indicating your Rolls Royce is running rich. Backfiring is possible in this case too, which includes the associated power and fuel economy losses. Additionally, you might smell fuel in the cabin when you press the accelerator which is unpleasant and can be dangerous to inhale.

    Each of these valves plays their own important role, but it’s clear that there is some overlap in symptoms of failure and how they contribute to the overall functionality of the car. For example, both the oil and fuel pressure valves are critical and can lead to almost identical symptoms when one of them fails. This means it can be hard to discern where exactly the problem is, necessitating the need for a skilled professional to look at your Rolls Royce and diagnose the issue accurately.

    Autowerks in College Station for All Your Rolls Royce Service Needs

    Autowerks specializes in European vehicles, including Rolls Royce, using the latest equipment available. We serve College Station as Rolls Royce Pressure Control Valve Failure Fix well as the nearby areas of Brenham, Bryan, Caldwell, Madisonville, and Navasota, TX. We are a family owned, independent business open since 1975 and offer an inexpensive alternative to dealership prices on maintenance and repairs. Our shop offers pick up within a 5 miles radius and airport drop off service if needed.

    We can be found at 4000 Victoria Avenue, College Station TX 777845. Call 979-690-3032 to schedule an appointment or use our online scheduling form. Our hours are Monday-Friday 8:00AM-6:00PM, so come in and visit us today!

    * Rolls-Royce Phantom image credit goes to: nrqemi.

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