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  • Expert Help for a Rear Spoiler Malfunction in a Porsche 911 in College Station

    Porsche 911 Rear Spoiler

    The Porsche brand has always been known to set the standard for luxury sports cars. Porsche models are timeless and effortlessly fascinating with their sleek design, advanced engineering features, smooth handling, and luxurious interiors. Porsche’s superior handling and acceleration characteristics have offered drivers an unparalleled driving experience and high-performance standards.

    The Porsche 911 is one of the fastest cars on the road with an amazing build. Adding to the flawless design is the rear spoiler. This could become damaged and ruin your drive. It is crucial to handle every part of the Porsche 911 with proper care and maintenance to avoid dangers on the road and mishandling of your car.

    Rear Spoiler: Its Role and Functions

    A rear spoiler is an aerodynamic device that is installed at the back of a car (most especially a high-performance sports car) to help disrupt or spoil unfavorable air movements around the body of the car while in motion. This is usually described as a “drag” or “turbulence.”

    The Porsche 911 is a fast and powerful car, which is one of the reasons why so many people love driving Porsches. Driving a car with such speed comes with a price. Your Porsche, if driven at high speed, can begin to generate lift, just like an airplane. This will start to pull the car off the road enough to prevent proper tire friction and grip. For this reason, a rear-mounted spoiler was installed in your Porsche 911 to help generate a downward force to counteract any lift, thereby keeping the tires tightly to the road.

    Automatic Rising Spoilers

    Due to the constant demand from car users for a more sleek rear spoiler with an understated appearance, high-end sports cars like the Porsche 911 now have an adjustable rear spoiler. These adjustable rear spoilers remain lowered at normal speeds, giving the car a clean and simple appearance, but as the speed increases, they automatically rise to ensure the car remains on the ground.

    Any malfunction of the rear spoiler can be detected on the car’s dashboard via a warning light, so keep an eye on your dashboard every now and then for important information from your onboard computer.

    Rear Spoiler Warning Light

    If you notice the rear spoiler light on your dashboard turning on while driving your Porsche, it indicates that a malfunction has been detected within the rear spoiler system. This observation requires your attention. Make sure to bring your car to our certified Porsche specialists to help handle this situation.

    To ensure that more severe damage does not occur, the spoiler system will have to be deactivated while our car expert scans the car for any problems using a diagnostic tool. In some cases, the cause of the malfunction is minor, like a blown fuse or a broken/loose connector.

    In a more severe case, however, the motor itself can develop faults, which can lead to the failure of the rear spoiler system. Luckily, this is very uncommon. Autoworks will make the necessary repairs to get your Porsche back up and running as designed.

    Is it Safe to Drive a Car with a Failing Rear Spoiler?

    The function of the rear spoiler in your Porsche 911 should in no way be underrated because it is responsible for its balance and stability when traveling at high speeds. As stated earlier, the rear spoiler is what creates the drag that counteracts the lift that the car generates when moving at a high speed. This makes the rear spoiler very important.

    The overall stability of the car is ensured by the counteracting effect of the rear spoiler. So, it is very risky to drive a car with a malfunctioning rear spoiler.

    Schedule an Appointment with Autowerks

    Autowerks delivers the finest, top-quality auto repair services and driving performance in and around College Station, Texas. Porsche 911 Rear Spoiler Repair We are a family-owned automotive company that provides European vehicle users with auto repair services that match those of dealers but are more economical.

    With our highly-unique automotive expertise in European vehicle repair and servicing, you are sure to receive courteous, personal, and prompt service at the most affordable rates. Your complete satisfaction is our priority.

    At Autowerks, we have served Porsche drivers within the Brenham, Bryan, Caldwell, Madisonville, Navasota, and College Station, TX areas. We have experts that can handle all the auto repair services you require. Please contact us or visit our facility to schedule your appointment.

    * Porsche 911 Rear Spoiler image credit goes to: Dmitrii Guldin.

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