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  • Expert Repair of an O2 Sensor Failure in Your Porsche

    Porsche Oxygen Sensor

    Porsche makes some of the most technologically-advanced, intelligent vehicles on the road. They rely on a network of sensors that provide information to the vehicle’s computer so it can optimize performance and efficiency. One such sensor is the oxygen sensor, often called an O2 sensor. It’s not too hard to replace when it fails, but it takes an expert technician to trace the issue to the O2 sensor itself.

    The Function of the O2 Sensor

    The O2 sensor is located in your Porsche’s exhaust system, where it measures the amount of oxygen in the gas emitted from the engine. That information is important for both the performance of the vehicle and its emissions.

    The Porsche’s computer uses oxygen concentration information to continuously update the air/fuel mix it allows into the engine. The engine needs to burn an optimized air/fuel mix to deliver the performance you expect from a Porsche.

    Symptoms of O2 sensor failure

    A Porsche with a faulty O2 sensor will be unable to regulate the air/fuel mix properly, causing it to run rich or lean. When it runs rich, it gets more fuel than it can burn. Conversely, when it runs lean, it gets too much air and not enough fuel. Either condition presents problems for both performance and emissions, and you should have the expert mechanics at Autowerks find and fix the issue.

    Check engine light

    If your Porsche’s O2 sensor fails, your check engine light will probably illuminate. The check engine light monitors the emissions control system. The O2 sensor is a component of that system, so when the sensor fails the light comes on.

    Fuel economy

    When your Porsche’s engine runs rich because a faulty O2 sensor isn’t giving it the correct feedback, its fuel efficiency will drop noticeably as it dumps unburnt fuel into the exhaust system. That can damage the catalytic converter, leading to expensive repairs. It also creates excessive hydrocarbon emissions.

    Rough running

    Your Porsche’s engine won’t deliver the smooth, powerful experience you expect when it can’t manage the mixture of air and fuel it needs for combustion. It may surge, jerk, or misfire as it lurches between running rich and running lean. Misfires can cause serious, expensive engine damage.

    Limp mode

    Your Porsche, like many modern luxury vehicles, is designed to enter “limp mode” when it experiences malfunctions that may endanger its engine. Running rich or lean as a result of a faulty O2 sensor can cause a Porsche to enter limp mode to prevent further damage. If your Porsche enters limp mode, it needs to see the professionals at Autowerks right away.

    The symptoms of O2 sensor failure resemble those of many other malfunctions your Porsche could suffer. Replacing the sensor is simple for our expert mechanics, but it’s important when you have a problem with your Porsche to bring it in for diagnostics. We have the tools and experience to find the real problem and rule out other issues.

    Causes of O2 sensor failure

    O2 sensors can fail for a handful of reasons. The most typical causes are normal wear and tear and exhaust contaminants.

    O2 sensors, like most auto parts, have a limited lifespan. You can typically expect an O2 sensor to naturally fail due to wear and tear after about 60,000 miles.

    Contaminants in your exhaust can leave deposits on the O2 sensor. For example, oil can enter the combustion chamber due to a leaky seal, or dirty air can force its way through a clogged air filter. Keeping up with regular maintenance and using quality parts and fuel can help extend the life of your O2 sensor.

    Autowerks is Here to Help

    The expert technicians at Autowerks proudly serve the Brenham, Bryan, Caldwell, Madisonville, Navasota, and Porsche Oxygen Sensor Inspection College Station TX areas. If you are experiencing problems with your Porsche that might be due to O2 sensor failure, come see us at Autowerks.

    We love Porsches for their technology and performance. That performance can suffer when those high-tech components fail. Also, the problem can be hard to identify at home without proper equipment.

    Let the experts at Autowerks find and solve the problem and get you back to enjoying your Porsche. We look forward to working with you in the future for all your Porsche’s needs. Call us today to make an appointment.

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