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  • Factors Causing Lifter Ticking Noises in Your BMW from Certified Mechanics in College Station

    BMW Car

    BMW has withstood the test of time in the automobile industry. Since 1916, the BMW brand has steadily built a lasting legacy of quality vehicles to satisfy drivers. In terms of high-performance, comfort, and durability on the road, this brand is among the greats, and owning one of these rides has become synonymous with wealth and comfort in society.

    Your BMW may develop faults and issues as you use it. You can prevent this with regular maintenance, but eventually, whether due to natural wear or accidental faults, your BMW would have its share of issues. One of these issues might be identified by lifter ticking noises coming from your vehicle.

    The problematic hydraulic lifters are used to reduce engine noise from the rockers and valves in an N52 engine in BMW models. These hydraulic valves create space inside the engine for the parts to heat up, expand, and move around slightly. While doing their job, these lifters can create a ticking noise that is not associated with poor maintenance or part faults.

    Lifter ticking noise, as the name suggests, is marked by ticking or tapping sounds coming from your BMW. When you hear a sound like that of a clock in your car’s engine, that is a lifter ticking noise. Ordinarily, this noise will not stop your car from running, which is the reason it is often ignored by many drivers. Over time, however, this noise can become an annoyance and ruin the joy of driving your BMW.

    Symptoms of Lifter Ticking Noise

    The tapping or clicking sounds you hear from the engine of your BMW car are the most evident indicator of a lifter problem. The sound has a rhythm that changes with engine revs, rising in volume and frequency. The tapping usually becomes louder and faster as the RPMs increase.

    Causes of a Lifter Ticking Noise

    Several factors can cause lifter-ticking noises from your BMW. It could be as a result of wear and tear, bad/ contaminated oil deposits, wrong oil used, faulty lifter, or issues with the spacing of the camshaft and pushrod. Some of these causes are identified below.

    • Bad Lifter: A defective lifter in the hydraulic valve can cause lifter ticking noises. In most cases, a bad lifter may need to either be rebored or changed completely. The first step to handling a bad lifter is a proper diagnosis by a qualified specialist.
    • Dirty or Contaminated Oil Deposits: A good oil deposit would see your engine components well lubricated. Likewise, a dirty or contaminated oil deposit would leave your engine unlubricated and susceptible to damage. This is usually a result of dirt and sludge build-up in the lifter. A regular oil change can take care of this issue. However, you may also need the help of a mechanic to check your BMW for any further problems.
    • Improper Spacing: Adequate spacing between the hydraulic lifter and other engine components is needed for the lifter to perform its function. The hydraulic lifter may be damaged if there is not enough space between the camshaft and the pushrod. Conversely, if the space is too much, you may hear lifter ticking noises from your vehicle. It is advisable to contact a mechanic to help you create more space or reduce the existing space in the engine.
    • Using the Wrong Type of Oil: Your BMW engine is compatible with a certain type of engine oil. If you happen to use an oil that has an incompatible viscosity rating, you are likely to encounter ticking sounds from your vehicle.

    Autowerks Mechanics for your BMW Needs!

    If you happen to notice lifter ticking noises BMW Lifter Ticking Noise Fix coming from your BMW, Autowerks is a great option for you!  At Autowerks, we have over 40 years of experience delivering quality automobile services to our esteemed customers. Our experts are always at your service with top skills and tools to help your car problems.

    We are situated throughout College Station and surrounding areas such as Brenham, Bryan, Caldwell, Madisonville, Navasota, and College Station, TX. Call us or book an appointment with us today. We look forward to earning your repeat business to care for your BMW’s needs.

    * BMW Car image credit goes to: teddyleung.

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