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  • How to Deal with an Air-Oil Separator Failure in a Porsche

    High Amount Of Porsche Exhaust Smoke

    An emissions control device called an air-oil separator is securely fitted on the top right corner of the engine in your Porsche. Its role is to collect residual vapors and oil gases found in the crankcase and redirect them to the intake manifold. Once this is accomplished, the filtered air is then introduced to the air intake system. By helping to make your car more efficient, the air-oil separator helps to reduce the amount of emissions it produces.

    There is a possibility that the air-oil separator won’t capture all the oil gases that occasionally circulate through your Porsche’s engine when it is not functioning correctly. In essence, both air and oil won’t flow to where they should flow. This can further result in even more severe complications if not handled properly.

    Warning Signs of a Defective Air-Oil Separator in Your Porsche

    There are some signs that indicate a defective air-oil separator. You can detect problems with your Porsche’s engine if you are aware of them. Your air-oil separator may begin to exhibit the following symptoms after it begins to wear out:

    • Oil stains in your driveway: Whenever your car leaks oil, your driveway will get soiled, but more importantly, it usually indicates that your vehicle is having mechanical problems. If you notice oil leaks below your vehicle, make sure to take it very seriously as this can be the result of a defective air-oil separator.
    • Illuminated Check Engine Light: It is never desirable to see your check engine light illuminated; however, in the event that it does, it is very critical to have it investigated immediately to prevent any complications. There is a way for your automobile to detect a failing air-oil separator, and in such cases, it will activate the check engine light as a way to warn you. There can be countless other reasons why the check engine light may illuminate; however, you must be vigilant because engine problems could cause catastrophic damage.
    • Low-Performance Engine: Porsches are supposed to provide smooth rides every time. You should take note if your drive is rough or your engine is underperforming. A Porsche engine in bad condition could result in the engine not operating at its peak performance level due to a damaged air-oil separator.
    • A high amount of smoke from the exhaust: It is almost impossible to miss this symptom. Take notice of any unusually high amounts of smoke emanating from the exhaust, and be sure to attend to it as soon as possible. A Porsche is not unusual to emit some smoke from the exhaust system, but if it frequently occurs and in large quantities, it may be because the air-oil separator has failed, resulting in a high ratio of oil to air in the car’s engine.

    Reasons Why it is Crucial to Fix Your Porsche’s Defective Air-Oil Separator

    When you notice that your air-oil separator is malfunctioning, you should take steps to resolve it as soon as possible. If you repair or replace your air-oil separator sooner rather than later, you may avoid the need to fix much deeper problems.

    Porsche’s air-oil separator helps the engine’s oil and air to circulate effectively. If your faulty air-oil separator is not repaired immediately, it could damage your spark plugs and catalytic converters.

    Driving a Porsche is synonymous with enjoying a smooth ride whenever possible. The smooth running of your Porsche engine is adversely affected by a malfunctioning air-oil separator, thereby resulting in a poor driving experience and poor engine performance.

    Autowerks Can Help Fix Your Porsche

    Your Porsche may be operating below its potential if you ignore any warning signs. Porsche Air-Oil Separator Failure Fix Porsche models are designed to provide you with an exciting and rewarding drive, and so it will need maintenance from time to time to maintain that quality.

    Having extensive experience with German-engineered vehicles, you can rely on us to maintain your Porsche’s power, reliability, and safety. For years, Autowerks has been serving Porsche drivers in Navasota, Madisonville, Caldwell, Bryan, Brenham, and College Station, TX. The quality of our expert technicians and staff is unmatched, which is why we are trusted by our customers. Visit us today so we can provide you with premier quality repair and maintenance your Porsche deserves.

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