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  • How to Deal With Fuel Pump Failure in a Porsche

    Porsche Fuel Pump

    A fuel pump is an essential component in every Porsche model. The fuel pump is a small, electric component mounted inside the gas tank. The pump creates pressure in the fuel lines, which forces the gas to the engine. If your engine does not receive fuel, your car will not run.

    When the pump begins to fail, it will not be able to provide the engine with the proper amount of fuel. Too much will cause the engine to run rich. This will lead to excess fuel consumption and pollutants. When there is not enough fuel provided, the engine will run lean. This often leads to stalling and misfires, which can cause more costly problems in the future.

    Common Causes of Fuel Pump Failure

    The most common reasons for fuel pump failure are:

    • contaminated fuel
    • clogged strainers/filters
    • electrical issues

    Symptoms of a Failing Fuel Pump

    The fuel pump is crucial in maintaining pressure in the fuel lines. This pressure provides a steady flow of fuel to the engine. If the fuel pump fails, your car cannot run correctly. When your pump begins to deteriorate, you may notice some of the following symptoms. Do not ignore any of these signs. Doing so can leave you stranded. You could also lose power when driving and get into an accident.

    Trouble starting

    A common symptom of fuel pump failure is trouble starting. As they age, they will wear out leading to failure. When a fuel pump begins to fail, it gets weak. As a result, your Porsche will have difficulty starting because it is not getting enough fuel. You may have to turn your key several times before it starts if it starts at all.

    Whining noise coming from the fuel tank

    Another common symptom of a failing fuel pump is a whining noise. This noise comes from the fuel pump. A quiet hum is normal; however, a loud whining noise is not.

    Misfires and Sputtering

    Misfires usually happen when driving at speeds of 50 miles per hour or higher. The fuel pump isn’t providing enough fuel to the engine. This disrupts the air-to-fuel ratio leading to performance problems.


    If you are experiencing stalling at high temperatures, there may be an issue with the fuel pump motor. Stalling while in traffic can be a very dangerous situation.

    Loss of Power

    Another symptom of fuel pump failure is a loss of power. This can occur during normal acceleration or may only occur when the vehicle is traveling uphill or hauling a heavy load. This is due to the fuel pump’s inability to meet your Porsche’s fuel demands.

    Rising Temperature

    High temperatures can be caused by several different issues. One of these is a bad fuel pump.

    Poor Fuel Economy

    If you are filling up your gas tank more frequently and are driving the same distances, it could be an issue with the fuel pump. Instead of not providing enough fuel to the engine, it may be supplying too much.

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