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  • How to Deal With Suspension Failure in BMW

    BMW Suspension

    The suspension is one of the most integral parts of any vehicle, and in luxury vehicles such as BMWs, it should work seamlessly alongside the engine to provide an incredibly smooth driving experience, ensuring the driver remains comfortable and able to enjoy hitting the road.

    With that in mind, it goes without saying that your BMW’s suspension needs to remain well maintained and fully operational, as this will not only guarantee an amazing driving experience, but will also ensure your vehicle is road-safe.

    The Suspension: A Quick Overview

    Put simply, your suspension is in charge of managing your vehicle’s interactions with the road surface, absorbing shock from the wheels and moving reflexively over bumps and dips. The suspension represents an entire system of parts, both moving and stationary. All manufacturers have their own suspension design, but in general all suspensions will have these three key parts:


    The springs are made of steel and work directly with the wheels, keeping your vehicle parallel to the road surface.

    Shock Absorbers

    The shock absorbers absorb the kinetic energy from the wheels and convert it into heat, meaning the driver feels less motion from a bumpy road.

    Anti-Roll Bars

    The anti-roll bars run along the underside of the vehicle, distributing its weight to prevent rolling when taking sharp corners.

    Signs and Symptoms of Suspension Failure

    1. Veering Left or Right

    If you notice your vehicle starts to pull to one side when on a straight road, or if you have to actively keep your BMW on a straight path, then it is likely your suspension is poorly aligned, often caused by your vehicle’s wheels becoming misaligned. There are many reasons why this can happen, from hitting a pothole hard to You should check your tires for uneven wear or pressure, and once these factors are ruled out, you should seek professional repairs and maintenance.

    2. Riding Rough

    If the shock absorbers or their associated parts (struts, bushings, etc) begin to fail, then you’ll notice the driving experience of your BMW becomes incredibly rough. You’ll start to feel each little bump in the road, making the whole experience uncomfortable and irritating.

    To confirm your suspicions, you can perform a simple test. When your BMW is parked, try putting on all your weight on to one corner. When you release the pressure your BMW should rise smoothly back up to its previous position, however, if it bounces, then it is likely an issue with the suspension has occurred. To fix this issue you’ll need to take your vehicle to an experienced professional for diagnostics and repair.

    3. One Corner Sags

    If when parked you notice a corner of your vehicle sags or dips slightly, then you typically have a clear indicator of an issue with the suspension springs. You may also notice difficult cornering when driving. Either way your suspensions springs will need replacing by a qualified professional.

    4. Suspension Noises

    Your suspension should operate seamlessly with little or no sound, and therefore any kind of noticeable noise, be this thumps, clunks, or screeches, indicate a suspension that is in need of maintenance. There are many causes for this, and drivers should not ignore these noises, as they are often an early warning sign. Catching vehicle issues early is essential for the health of both your car and wallet, as it will limit the scale of repairs and their ensuing costs.

    Maintenance and AutoWerks

    The best way to deal with suspension failure in your BMW is to avoid the problem entirely through regularly scheduled maintenance from a qualified and experienced mechanic. Regular maintenance BMW Shock Absorber and Spring Checkhelps ensure your car is consistently kept in perfect running order, and should a problem occur, that it is dealt with quickly and affordably.

    Servicing those living in or around College Station, TX, our team at family owned AutoWerks have been on hand to help since 1975, and are specialists in imported European cars such as BMW. Open Monday through Friday, our friendly team of experts can help with any automotive issue from repairs and general servicing, and offer easy financing solutions for big repairs through the use of the Bosch Service Credit Card system. AutoWerks has pages of 5-star views, which are displayed proudly on our website, so you can feel confident in your choice to bring your BMW to us!

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