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  • How to Fix Your Mercedes Transmission Control Module in College Station?

    Mercedes Gear Shift Issue

    Transmission control module failure is one of the most common problems that can occur in a Mercedes-Benz as it ages. This vehicle component is what controls the processes that regulate your car’s transmission’s gear shifting.

    Transmission control module failure causes problems in shifting gears, affecting your overall driving experience. To get back to enjoying your driving experience, you’ll need to understand how the transmission control module works, why it fails and how you can fix it. We’ll break it down for you.

    The Transmission Control Module

    There are many vehicle components that work together to make it possible for you to move from point A to point B. While the engine is directly responsible for moving the car forward, the transmission control module is responsible for the different gears that make your Mercedes driving experience unique. It does this by collecting and processing data using sensors that then determine when and how you can change gears. In a nutshell, the transmission control module is responsible for the speed at which you can drive your car.

    The data that the control module uses to enable automation of gears is provided by the engine control unit. By enabling the switch between gears, the transmission control module not only ensures a smooth transition between gears, it also improves fuel economy. This is made possible when the Transmission Control Module, or TCM, receives and sends signals from its sensors to the lock-up clutch allowing it to adjust fuel injection into the engine for efficient fuel use.

    Why the Transmission Control Module Fails

    The transmission control module in your car is an electrical component. This means that it is prone to voltage overload. The voltage overload can be on account of a short in the actuator circuit or in the solenoid. This overload can also be due to water getting into the circuits, shorting them. Low or no voltage supply to the module makes it impossible for the transmission control module to correctly compute data, causing a myriad of problems.

    Another reason for transmission control failure is the usual wear and tear that most vehicle components suffer over time. Because the TCM is an electronic component, any wear in the wires through which voltage is transferred will directly affect the output of the TCM, negatively affecting your driving experience.

    Common Signs of Failure

    Since the transmission control module plays a significant role in the automation processes in your Mercedes, when it suffers a fault, you’ll start to notice a few changes. For starters, you will notice a hesitation in the acceleration. Your car will no longer pick up speed like before when you press the gas pedal because the gears will not be able to make the precisely timed shifts that allow your car to speed up.

    Other than a hesitation in acceleration, your Mercedes will also develop shifting problems such as slipping into a neutral gear without any warning, or you may have trouble either getting it out of the neutral gear or shifting out of a lower gear. You may also notice your car shifting involuntarily from one gear to another or erratic acceleration when driving uphill.

    Another sign that something may be wrong with your Mercedes TCM is poor fuel efficiency. This occurs because the transmission enables the clutch to adjust how much fuel is combusted in the engine. TCM failure will make the engine work harder when you are driving through uneven rough terrain, therefore, burning more fuel. The amount of fuel that would normally get you from point A to point B will increase, causing you to make more trips to the gas pump.

    Autowerks for your Mercedes

    The first thing that you should do is seek the help of a qualified mechanic. Driving a car with a Mercedes Transmission Control Module Repairtransmission control module fault can be dangerous, considering how erratic the gears can be. This is why you need to have a mechanic have a look and fix the circuitry before the problem causes more damages that may cost more to fix.

    Because Mercedes is a luxury European brand, proper care needs to go into it to ensure that it delivers the performance that it promises. This is why you should stick with a certified mechanic with experience in high-end vehicles.

    Our team of mechanics at Autowerks are available to help fix your TCM in Brenham, Bryan, Caldwell, Madisonville, Navasota and College Station, TX. Call us today, and we’ll schedule a visit to fix the TCM issues in your Mercedes-Benz.

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