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  • How to Resolve a Crank Seal Oil Leak in Your Volvo

    Volvo Engine Overheating

    Volvos are desirable vehicles to many because they are fuel efficient and reliable. However, an oil leak can change all of that. The purpose of oil is to keep all auto parts lubricated and keep the engine running smoothly. When you suspect that your oil is leaking, the culprit may very well be the crankshaft seal. It is crucial that you have the problem resolved before things get worse. If you do not, you may find yourself catching the bus to work.

    In this article, we’ll go over the signs of an oil leak, what a crankshaft seal is/does, how it is causing an oil leak, and what you can do to resolve the issue.

    Warning Signs of an Oil Leak

    • The engine is overheating. This can happen for many reasons, but it is extremely likely that a lack of oil is the root of the problem. Engine oil lubricates pistons and ensures that the engine stays at an optimal temperature. Without it, those pistons will create friction, which creates heat. Over time, that heat will break down the engine and potentially other parts of your Volvo
    • Smoke is coming from the engine. This happens when your oil drips onto the exhaust manifold. The purpose of the manifold is to collect gases and send them out of the tailpipe. It can’t do its job when oil gunks it up.
    • You notice that oil is puddling beneath your car. This is the most obvious indication that your engine oil is leaking. Oil should not be dripping from your car to the ground. If it does, something has gone wrong.
    • Your dashboard oil light comes on. If something is wrong with your sensors, this could happen erroneously. In combination with other symptoms though, you may have an oil leak on your hands to deal with.

    What a Crankshaft Seal Is/What It Does

    There are several reasons why engine oil may be leaking from your Volvo, and a faulty crankshaft seal is one of them. A crank seal is a rubber or metal ring that surrounds the crankshaft to seal the end of the shaft with the timing cover. Its purpose is to keep the oil from leaking out as the crankshaft rotates.

    How a Faulty Crank Seal Causes an Oil Leak

    Now that you know the crank seal’s primary function, you need to know how it becomes faulty and causes engine oil to leak from the vehicle.

    • The seal has cracked. A seal cracks due to excessive heat or other damage, and it causes the oil it is holding to flow through.
    • Your vehicle has been stationary for too long. This causes your crank seal to warp or dry out, losing its sealing power.
    • The part breaks down over time. Simple wear and tear over time eventually causes every auto part to break down. This is when they need to be maintained and replaced. It is inevitable, and it’s something every vehicle owner has to deal with.

    How to Resolve the Issue

    You can only do so much to resolve the issue now and in the future, none of them involving an easy, at-home fix. Let’s look at what to do:

    • Have the crankshaft seal replaced. If it is broken, you need a new one. It’s common sense. Seek out a professional to do the repair properly and quickly.
    • Have your Volvo A qualified technician will be able to spot any problems you are having and whether or not they are coming from the crank seal.
    • Get your oil changed regularly. Look at your driver’s manual and see how often Volvo recommends changing your oil. Perform this maintenance in a timely manner so all potential issues will be spotted early.
    • Have parts replaced when recommended. Driver’s manuals also explain when you should have any specific part in your vehicle replaced for optimal performance. If you don’t put it off, you should see fewer issues in the future.

    Where to Go for Service

    All of these solutions require seeing Volvo Crank Seal Oil Leak Repair a qualified technician for help. This is especially true for a Volvo owner, as these parts are more delicate than a standard mechanic may be able to handle. If your oil is leaking, come and see the skilled technicians at Autowerks. For your convenience, we are located near Brenham, Bryan, Caldwell, Madisonville, Navasota, and College Station, TX. We have been in business since 1975. That’s a lot longer than most competitors. If you want quality care that you can trust, let us help you today.

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