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  • How to Tell if Your Audi is Suffering from a Brake Fluid Leak

    Audi Brake Warning Light

    Brake fluid is necessary for the brake system of your Audi to function. You could end up in a risky driving situation if the master cylinder isn’t filled with fluid because it could render your brake system and pedal ineffective. Brake fluid is necessary for driving safely, and brake maintenance is just as important as oil for your engine.

    Brake fluid transfers the force and motion of the brake pedal to the braking system. With the assistance of a vacuum booster hidden behind the pedal, the braking system increases the pressure generated by your foot pressing on the brake pedal. When you increase the pressure on the brake, the master cylinder is activated, which releases the pressurized brake fluid to the brake lines. When you press the brake pedal harder, the braking fluid is under higher pressure, increasing the brakes stopping power.

    Why is a fluid used?

    Since fluid cannot be compressed, any applied pressure is evenly dispersed throughout the liquid. In this manner, the brake pedal simultaneously applies equal force to all four tires. If you have a leak in your brake fluid, it robs the brake system of its ability to produce the pressure necessary for optimum operation.

    In addition, a leak in the brake line allows air into your brake system, causing decreased hydraulic brake pressure and making it difficult to stop your car. Air should never be in the brake lines.

    Brake Fluid Leak Symptoms

    The following signs will indicate a brake fluid leak problem:

    How to Tell if Your Audi is Suffering from a Brake Fluid Leak

    • Fluid Pooling Under the Car: Leaks from brake fluid appear near the inside of your tires. Brake fluid typically leaves a slick residue on fingertips and has a light yellow to brownish Brake fluid is probably leaking if you can trace the leak to the brake lines, master cylinder, rotors, or drums close to the wheels or under the car’s center. Additionally, brake fluid leaks may resemble motor oil leaks, so it’s important to have your Audi inspected to distinguish between them.
    • Brake Dashboard Light Illumination: Low brake fluid will cause the brake warning light to come on your dashboard. Your Anti-Lock Braking system needs enough fluid in the fluid reservoir and brake lines to function properly. When service warning lights appear, it is advisable to make an appointment for our professionals to take a look at it.
    • Soft Brakes: A spongy or mushy brake pedal may indicate low brake fluid. There may not be enough brake fluid in the brake lines to compress properly if the pedal dips down easily when depressed, has less resistance, or fails to slow the car down in expected time. It’s crucial to have your braking system checked as soon as possible to determine the cause, because it could indicate a brake fluid leak and required service for everyone’s safety.
    • Low Levels of Brake Fluid: If the braking fluid drops suddenly, there may be a leak somewhere in the system. It is customary to check the brake fluid level in the white reservoir with the brake fluid label on the cap. This is commonly found near the rear of the engine compartment on top of the master cylinder. See the owner’s manual to help you find it in your car.

    Plan a brake service appointment at the closest vehicle repair shop if your brake level appears low wherever you are. We’d like you to visit our shop, but your safety is paramount, so stop at a reputable garage any time you suspect there’s a problem with your brakes.

    Autowerks Will Fix Your Brake Problems

    Repairing brake fluid leaks as soon as possible is crucial because brake fluid is such a vital Audi Brake Fluid Check component of your car’s braking system and general safety. If your vehicle is exhibiting brake fluid problems, but there isn’t a leak, it may simply be time to change the brake fluid.

    At Autowerks, we take care of everything that could affect the functionality of your brakes. Brake line repair, brake pad inspections and replacement, drum repairs, fluid draining and replacement, and rotor repairs are some of the brake services we offer. We are located at 4000 Victoria Avenue in College Station, TX. Autowerks is the go-to repair shop for drivers in Brenham, Bryan, Caldwell, Madisonville, and Navasota. Stop by our shop now for a seamless brake service!

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