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  • Issues Associated With the Mercedes V12 Engine

    Mercedes Engine Overheating

    No matter whether you drive a supercar or a humble hatchback, one fact remains the same: no car is perfect. Every vehicle has its own quirks and inherent part failures, and being a responsible car owner comes from knowing what common issues are and how to overcome them. With this in mind, in this article, we’re going to discuss some of the common foibles of Mercedes vehicles that have V12 engines.

    Common Warning Signs

    When a V12 engine develops a problem, it will assuredly let you know. There are 3 key signs of a V12 engine that needs repair which are:

    1. Hydraulic Fluid Leaks

    A variety of fluids may leak from your engine for a whole host of reasons. However, you can identify hydraulic fluid easily, as it has an amber tint to it.

    2. Engine Overheating

    Your V12 engine may overheat for lots of reasons, but no matter the cause, one thing is important to remember: An overheating engine needs to be inspected and diagnosed for repairs as soon as possible to prevent further damage.

    3. Engine Misfires

    From MAF failure to clogged fuel injectors to a blown head gasket, there are many reasons why your V12 engine may misfire. Like with overheating, it is important that you don’t ignore frequent misfires and bring it to a trusted shop quickly.

    Reasons Behind V12 Issues

    There are some common reasons why V12 engines develop issues. We’ve compiled the top 5 reasons. Let’s take a closer look at these:

    Damage to the Seals of the Active Body Control System

    It is common for the seals of the active body control system to become worn and develop hydraulic fluid leaks. These leaks can also occur due to damage to the hydraulic lines or malfunctioning struts. You can identify hydraulic fluid by paying attention to its color. Hydraulic fluid is always amber in color.


    There are many reasons why overheating can occur, from coolant leaks caused by wear to radiator or coolant lines to a leaky or blown head gasket. Some problems are a quick fix but others will need more intensive repair work to resolve.


    Mechanical, ignition, or lean misfires can occur for a plethora of reasons. In the case of V12 engines, ignition misfires are the most common and usually caused by faulty ignition coils. If the ignition coils aren’t to blame, then the culprit is likely part of the ignition system, such as the spark plugs or their connected wiring.

    Brake Wear

    You may think that the only issues a V12 engine can cause are under the hood. However, this isn’t the case. The high power produced by a V12 engine can take a toll upon the braking system, leading to premature brake wear. You’ll likely first notice this problem by hearing your brakes squeak, which is caused by worn out brake pads. When the pads become worn, the rotors also become worn. It is best to respond to brake wear at the first sign of noise.

    Lowered Fuel Efficiency

    In any engine, a dip in fuel efficiency tends to indicate an issue somewhere within the engine system. There is a problem which is causing your Mercedes to burn through fuel more quickly, resulting in less miles per gallon. If everything under the hood is in order, then check your tires for wear and for underinflation, as these can also contribute to poor fuel economy.

    Preventing V12 Issues in your Mercedes

    The number one way to ensure your V12 engine works perfectly for as long as possible is to keep high maintenance standards. Topping up oil and coolant levels along with being mindful of bad driving habits can keep your engine pristine far longer. Second, visiting an expert mechanic for regularly-scheduled servicing will help ensure that any problems your V12 engine develops are caught early before they can negatively impact your Mercedes’ performance.

    Visit Autowerks

    If you’re a Texan driver in the communities Mercedes V12 Engine Problem Check of Brenham, Bryan, Caldwell, Madisonville, Navasota, or College Station, TX you know that bigger is almost always better. That’s probably why you chose a powerful V12 engine in the first place. At Autowerks, we know how to ensure your engine produces maximum power, maximum performance, maximum drivability for maximum miles per gallon. We can ensure your Mercedes functions like the motoring powerhouse it was designed to be. So, if your Mercedes is underperforming, get in touch with us today for an appointment with our technician to inspect and diagnose any issues with your Mercedes.

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