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    MINI Clutch

    Since 1959, MINI has offered the most contemporary and eco-conscious designs in the automobile industry, coupled with premium technology at a driver’s fingertips. This coupling has created a powerhouse of MINI models that are created with the fun of the drive in mind. For these reasons, routine maintenance and replacement of worn parts is the responsibility of a MINI owner.

    Your MINI is designed to provide excitement with each drive you take, but this can only happen if all of the parts are well-maintained. This is especially true with your MINI’s clutch. The clutch transfers the power from the engine to the wheels in your MINI. Without a working clutch, your MINI isn’t able to change speed or come to a complete and safe stop.

    Without this vital part of your MINI, you won’t be able to drive anywhere, and your safety is at risk. Here are a few signs that you need to bring your MINI in to see a mechanic and where you can go.

    If You Notice a Burning Smell

    This symptom of a failing clutch shows up over a long period of time. When the disc and flywheel has an improper connection, a burning smell may appear. This is an extremely urgent signal of damage and means you need to bring your MINI to see a professional technician immediately. This would most likely point to extreme wear and damage to the clutch.

    Difficulty Shifting Into Gear

    If you notice a grinding sound when you shift gears, you will want to pay particular attention to the clutch. Sometimes this happens if the clutch isn’t fully engaged, but other times it can be a more serious issue, such as a dragging clutch. This term means the clutch isn’t fully releasing. It can damage the whole system. Other noises, such as a squealing noise, can be associated with a failing clutch as well, so it is important to note any strange noises coming from your MINI.

    Mismatched Revving and Acceleration

    Your clutch is a connection to your engine. It helps the two parts communicate so you can drive your MINI. If you step on the gas and notice the engine revving but the car isn’t accelerating appropriately, this connection might be damaged. Oftentimes, this is related to a worn clutch disc.

    If the clutch disc is worn, it won’t be able to connect to the flywheel and pressure plate as designed. This results in power from the engine not transferring to the transmission and the wheels as efficiently, which causes your MINI’s engine to work extra hard for less output.

    Autowerks is Here To Help

    As with anything that needs to be repaired, you can drive on a wearing clutch for a little bit of time before the MINI Clutch Servicing clutch’s condition becomes too serious for you to drive it anymore. However, driving with a clutch that is on the verge of failing completely is not just damaging to your MINI as a whole, but it creates a huge safety hazard for you and other drivers that are sharing the road with you. If you feel your MINI’s clutch is failing, come visit us at Autowerks.

    Since 1975, Autowerks has been offering the finest in automotive service for the drivers of Brenham, Bryan, Caldwell, Madisonville, Navasota, and College Station, TX. We have a full range of services, and we guarantee complete satisfaction from diagnosis to repair. As an independent and family-owned shop, we offer prompt, courteous, and financially-savvy services with a personal touch for each driver that visits our shop.

    Our specialty is European cars, and for over 30 years, we have specialized in the service and maintenance of these fine brands. We want to help you get back on the road and be excited each time you drive your MINI, not nervous about possible repairs.

    Autowerks encourages you to pay close attention to your MINI, especially as years and miles add up so you know when it is time to bring it into the shop for maintenance. When this time comes, know you can count on the experienced and knowledgeable technicians here at Autowerks to service your MINI. Call us today to set up a convenient appointment.

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