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  • Professional Mechanics in College Station Will Fix Your Waterlogged Fuse Box in Your Volvo

    Not Working Volvo Window Button

    Volvo is a brand that is synonymous with safety. That reputation is why the Swedish manufacturer is one of the top choices for families and fleet customers, and why it has been able to successfully compete against other premium marques for more than 80 years.

    As any other car, a Volvo can be affected by water getting into areas such as the fuse box. Fuses are used in the electrical system to prevent damage from an overload of electrical current. Fuses contain a small piece of metal that melts when there is too much current flowing through it. This causes the connection between two circuits to break, severing the connection and preventing further damage to the entire system.

    Signs of a Water-Logged Fuse Box

    A waterlogged fuse has many warning signs. Check out the list below if you are concerned that your Volvo may be experiencing this problem:

    • The headlights don’t work: One of the most common signs of a water-logged fuse box is if your headlights do not work. If you notice that your headlights do not turn on, it could mean that your fuse box is waterlogged and damaged. Another way to detect this problem is to look at the lights in your car. If they are flickering or going off and on, you may have a short circuit in your electrical system.
    • Doors won’t lock: The first sign of your fuse box being waterlogged is the constant failure of electrical components. Your fuse box might be waterlogged if your doors won’t lock or unlock using the key fob or the dash button. If you notice that your doors will not lock and unlock when pressing the button, it could mean that the fuse box is waterlogged and damaged.
    • Windows won’t roll up and down: If you notice that your windows will not roll up or down when pressing the window buttons, this could mean that your fuse box is waterlogged and damaged.
    • Horn doesn’t work: If you notice that you are unable to honk by pressing the steering wheel horn, it could be because of a waterlogged fuse box. A non-working horn can give you major problems as this can impair your ability to honk at people who need to know your car is there.
    • Corrosion of the Fuse: One of the most common symptoms is corrosion of the fuse. This may be seen as a white or greenish powder that coats the fuse. There are also cases where water enters the car and creates condensation on the inside of the car.
    • Blown fuse: A blown fuse is another indicator of water damage. If you have a fuse box that is constantly blowing fuses, there’s a good chance that water has seeped into it.
    • Other Signs: You may also discover water in your interior or trunk and wonder where that came from. Another sign is the constant failure of a shortened brake light switch. The last and most important sign of a waterlogged fuse box is that your car will not start and will only crank over but not startup.

    How to Fix a Water-Logged Fuse Box

    You may not know it, but this is a quite common problem for all Volvo cars. The fuse box is where the fuses are located for your car’s electrical systems and there are several of them in most cars. If your fuse box becomes waterlogged, it can cause some serious problems with your car’s electrical system.

    Fuses and fuse boxes are not something that you should play around with, so if you think the fuse box in your Volvo might be waterlogged, bring it to our mechanics immediately. We will tell you if your fuses are still good or if they need to be replaced.

    Autowerks for Your Volvo’s Needs

    At Autowerks, our certified technicians have Volvo Fuse Box Checkthe required experience and the latest factory-grade equipment to provide quality repairs for European cars, like your Volvo. We proudly offer unique European expertise and we guarantee complete satisfaction with our services.

    Since 1975, our family-owned automotive service facility has provided top-quality services to drivers in Brenham, Bryan, Caldwell, Madisonville, Navasota, and College Station, TX. Call us at 979-690-3032 or schedule an appointment today.

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