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  • Quality Repair of Transmission Leaks in Your Mercedes

    Mercedes Gear Shift Issue

    Transmission leaks in a Mercedes can be an expensive proposition to the owner if not caught early. One of the first signs of major issues is fluid leaks, such as from the transmission.

    Before getting into transmission leaks, let’s talk about the purpose of transmission fluid. The transmission in your Mercedes changes gears to allow you to go from a take-off speed to full speed in your car. The fluid in the transmission is the hydraulic power behind shifting gears as you speed up and slow down. Transmission fluid levels should be constant to work properly in your car. This is why having leaks from a transmission can be devastating to your Mercedes.

    Symptoms of a Leaking Transmission

    Before we can deal with a transmission leak, we must know when our Mercedes is experiencing the issue. Below are some symptoms of a transmission fluid leak.

    The easiest way to determine if your transmission is leaking is when you see puddles or droplets of a reddish colored oil under your Mercedes. Transmission fluid is colored with a reddish tint that separates its looks from motor oil and other fluids.

    Another common way to determine a transmission is leaking is when you smell burning oil coming from under your car. Transmission fluid may leak onto your exhaust, causing it to burn the fluid and cause a strong smell.

    Driving issues like jerking when the car shifts gears, the vehicle not shifting gears at all, or grinding and whining sounds coming from under the car may all be signs that you are low on transmission fluid due to a leak. Do not continue to drive a vehicle that is reacting in this manner. It is much cheaper to have the leak repaired and fluid added back in than replacing a damaged transmission.

    Overheating may occur as transmission fluid is essential to keep your power train from overheating. If your Mercedes has a transmission fluid leak, eventually overheating will occur. Be mindful that running a transmission hot will ruin the components of it. If you suspect your transmission is overheating, shut down the car in a safe place and have it taken to a certified Mercedes mechanic for service.

    One of the best and most important safety features in your Mercedes is the check engine light. When a transmission is failing or if fluids fall too low, most Mercedes vehicles will warn you by illuminating this dashboard warning signal.

    Typical Reasons for Transmission Leaks

    Now that we know the symptoms of a transmission leak in a Mercedes, let’s discuss the main causes:

    • Using Wrong Fluid: Transmissions from each manufacturer will require a different type of transmission fluid. If someone adds the wrong fluid to your Mercedes transmission, you may find that the seals will not hold it in for long.
    • Worn or Overheated Seals: Your Mercedes transmission is supplied with seals that keep the transmission fluid sealed inside the transmission. If these seals become damaged, worn, or overheated, they can begin to leak. This causes a cascade effect in your transmission.
    • Damaged Transmission Fluid Lines: Another reason for transmission fluid leaks are found when the lines that allow the fluid to move back and forth are damaged. Located on the underside of your Mercedes, these can become damaged from road hazards.

    Preventing Transmission Leaks

    The best way to prevent transmission leaks is by using preventive maintenance measures. Don’t worry, though, as the plan for your Mercedes is already in place in the form of a recommended service plan by the manufacturer.

    By making sure you keep servicing appointments, certified Mercedes technicians can be sure to find issues with your transmission before they become breakdowns.

    Using a Service Professional

    The good news is that those Mercedes Transmission Oil who live in the Brenham, Bryan, Caldwell, Madisonville, Navasota, and College Station, TX area can bring their Mercedes to Autowerks for professional servicing and repair.

    Don’t wait until you start having issues with your Mercedes transmission or other components. Make an appointment today to schedule a programmed servicing of your Mercedes. We look forward to earning your trust in our service center. Give us a call today to speak to our friendly staff to schedule an appointment.

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