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  • Rear Main Seal Oil Leaks in a Porsche: Causes and Symptoms

    Porsche Oil Light

    Rear main oil leaks are common in Porsche cars, especially the Boxter, 996, 997, and Cayman models. Most of the time, these leaks are due to problems with the car’s Rear Main Seal (RMS). In extreme cases, problems with the RMS could lead to contamination of the vehicle’s clutch friction plate. Consequently, you’ll suffer poor gear selection and reduced all-around performance.

    The rear main seal is positioned at the end of the engine, at the same location where the crankshaft meets the gearbox and clutch. The purpose of this seal is to prevent oil leakages to the crankshaft.

    Porsche has redesigned its RMS several times. While it has managed to improve the performance of their cars, it doesn’t take away the problem of oil leakage. If your car is leaking oil, you will want to know the possible causes and how to identify a rear main seal leak. You may be concerned about its effect on your engine’s overall performance.

    What are the symptoms of a rear main seal leak?

    If you constantly need an oil refill but you can’t find any visible signs of leakage, you may be in the early stages of a seal failure.

    If you also notice a small puddle of oil under your car or find that you have been using up a lot of oil without going long distances, there’s a higher chance that there is already a leak. A serious and clear indication of RMS failure is if the oil light stays on after an oil change.

    The difficult thing about identifying a rear main seal leak is the position of the seal. It’s usually hidden and can’t be replaced without expertise. A good way to test for a leak is to turn the engine on for a few minutes and let it idle. Check underneath the car for oil spills. Running the engine for a few minutes over a concrete floor is the easiest way to spot oil spills or you can place a flattened cardboard box or papers underneath to detect this.

    You may also inspect the cover gasket or valley pan to see if there are any visible leaks. The problem may be with these components instead of a rear main seal failure. These components have simpler repairs.

    Maintaining an oil change schedule and ensuring regular maintenance are great ways to stay aware of the condition of your car’s RMS. A mechanic will catch a leak early and make the necessary repairs or replacements to save you downtime and money in the long run.

    Common Causes of a Rear Main Seal Leak

    Porsche cars are luxurious & exotic sports vehicles. Without any doubt, they are made from premium, high-grade materials, but they are not made to endure harsh conditions. Rear main seal failure may be due to pushing your engine hard or wear and tear over time. Avoid maxing out your engine and putting unnecessary wear on it. Also, make sure to maintain a regular maintenance schedule, where your vehicle will be inspected often for issues.

    Rear main seal failure can be problematic to detect because the seal could get destroyed quickly. The position of the seal means it’s under a lot of oil pressure. It’s also a source of lubrication for the engine. Low oil levels can cause extensive damage to your engine. When the oil light comes on, it’s recommended that you go immediately to a reputable Porsche service center.

    The main challenge of repairing the RMS is its location. With professional help, you can get a fast, hassle-free repair. It’s going to be extremely difficult for you to remove all the components to get to the seal and you need specialized equipment. That’s where our professionals come in.

    Allow Autowerks to Help You

    At Autowerks, you Porsche Oil Checkenjoy top-quality repair and service for your Porsche. We understand that you want your car to deliver the maximum driving performance. As a result, we provide the finest repair service to keep you on the road. Autowerks handles all types of services in and around Brenham, Bryan, Caldwell, Madisonville, Navasota, and College Station, TX. We know how to replace the rear main seal quickly, and make your car as good as new, so give us a call today to schedule an appointment!

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