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  • Reasons Behind Electronic Issues in BMWs From Certified Mechanics in College Station

    BMW Dead Battery

    BMW vehicles have been wildly popular with car enthusiasts for decades. They combine comfort with power and a sleek exterior. However, BMWs will experience many of the same issues that domestic vehicles do.

    One common issue that BMW owners report is the malfunction or failure of various electronic components in these timeless European imports.

    Learning what these electronic issues are and understanding why they may be happening will help you address the problems and resolve them before it costs more time and money than you want to spare.

    Dead Battery

    Car batteries may die for several reasons, including those in BMWs. If the battery in yours is dead, it may be due to an accident (i.e. leaving the interior light on overnight.) In this case, it may be time for a new battery. Good BMW batteries generally last for around 4 years. Past this time period, your dead battery may just be due to regular wear and tear.

    Ignition System

    Issues with the ignition system in a BMW lead to several other problems while driving. The first sign of this is that the key will not turn in the ignition. This can result in issues while steering. The ignition system issue that your BMW may be facing may be due to vehicle computer issues, a broken key, or an ignition switch that has seized up.

    Loss of Power

    Loss of power in a BMW may happen for several reasons. One common issue is a low or dead battery, but this is not always the case. Other reasons behind lack of power include corrosion of cord connectors and terminals, dirty terminals and cords, and insecure connection between terminals and the car battery.

    Generally, cleaning the terminals and making sure that all of these parts are securely connected will fix the power issue in your BMW, but it is always best to have a professional diagnose the problem instead of trying to do so yourself.


    The alternator in your BMW is its source of power. It keeps the battery in your car charged, the lights bright, and the heating/air system working properly. When the alternator fails, it is likely due to a cracked alternator belt. When the alternator’s belt suffers any damage or cracking, it cannot power the BMW’s battery and will dim your lights, cause your car to lose power, and make the airflow in your car faulty.

    Fuses and Cables

    There are several fuses, cables, and cords that allow your BMW’s electronic systems to function optimally. When these various electronic components are damaged, the entire system will begin to malfunction and fail.

    Fuses may be damaged due to corrosion, burning, or harm caused by a wreck. Cables can become frayed and worn over time due to regular use or exposure to the elements. These are common causes of issues with the fuses and cables in a BMW, and they can be fixed by having a qualified mechanic replace them.

    Addressing BMW Issues in College Station

    If you suspect that your BMW BMW Fuses Check is experiencing an electronic malfunction, it is vital that you address and resolve these issues sooner rather than later. Procrastinating may cost time and money that you likely want to spend relaxing or cruising in your sleek European car.

    The professional team of mechanics located at Autowerks will use the latest diagnostic tools and techniques to identify the source of these issues and resolve them before the problem causes extensive damage to your vehicle.

    We specialize in servicing European imports. In addition to BMWs, we also service the following brands:

    ● Audi
    ● Jaguar
    ● Land Rover
    ● Mercedes
    ● Mini
    ● Porsche
    ● Rolls Royce
    ● Volvo

    Autowerks is conveniently located in College Station, TX and is easily accessible to the surrounding areas such as Brenham, Bryan, Caldwell, Madisonville, and Navasota. Our goal is to treat every customer with impeccable service without the exorbitant prices you often find yourself paying at an actual dealership.

    Electronic issues and other problems your vehicle may experience will be handled by the best mechanics in College Station. Make a convenient appointment today by calling (979) 690-3032 where you can speak to one of our knowledgeable technicians about your BMW issues.

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