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  • Reasons Behind IMS Bearing Failure in a Porsche From Experts in College Station

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    Porsche continues to set the standard for luxury vehicles. They are timeless and offer drivers superior acceleration and handling. Just like any high-performance vehicle, it is critical that your Porsche is properly taken care of. Regular maintenance must be performed so that you don’t experience the dreaded IMS bearing failure.

    What Is the Porsche IMS Bearing?

    The IMS bearing is a small part that can cause premature engine failure with no warning. IMS stands for intermediate shaft. The IMS is a geared shaft that runs all of the way through the engine. The function of the part is to drive the camshafts indirectly off the crankshaft. The IMS helps to reduce the speeds of the chains, which extends the life of the chain.

    What Models are Susceptible to IMS failure?

    ● 97 3.6 ltr with M96/05, up to engine number 6950745
    ● All 986 Boxster models
    ● 987 Cayman & Boxster models up to engine number 61504715
    ● All 996 models, excluding the: GT and Turbo models

    What Causes IMS Bearing Failure?

    The shaft itself isn’t the actual root of the problem. The issue comes from the failure of the ball bearing that is located in the shaft. The design changed in 2006 which made the part unserviceable. This created an issue since it didn’t allow for preventative maintenance.

    The bearing can fail due to several reasons. Normal fatigue from everyday wear is a common reason but is not the most common cause. Premature wear is most often attributed to other issues such as high load and lack of lubrication. These factors will eventually weaken the bearing and lead to failure.

    What Are the Warning Signs?

    There are a few warning signs of IMS bearing failure that you should watch out for. They are:

    Oil Leak

    An oil leak located near the rear of the engine may indicate IMS bearing failure.

    Debris in the Oil

    When changing the oil, metallic debris may be found. The most noticeable place that it will be seen is on the oil filter. The debris will be shiny and sparkly.


    If you start to hear a knocking, metallic rattling, or banging sounds, the bearing may be failing. If you hear a popping noise, turn off the car immediately to help prevent further engine damage.

    Routine Maintenance and Inspections

    Don’t wait until you experience IMS bearing failure to get your car seen to. Performing routine maintenance and inspections can help prevent catastrophic engine failure. If your bearing fails, you will probably be looking at a full engine overhaul that will not be cheap. By allowing your mechanic to stay current on your preventive maintenance schedule, you are giving them the opportunity to diagnose and address an IMS bearing issues before they become disastrous — and expensive.

    If you have noticed any symptoms that you believe may be indicating IMS bearing failure, it is crucial that you let your Porsche mechanic know immediately. Don’t continue to drive your car and take the chance of experiencing a major failure.

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