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  • Reasons Behind Jaguar Coolant Leaks From Experienced Mechanics in College Station

    Jaguar Coolant Level Low

    Your Jaguar’s high-performance engine and superb handling are only as good as the condition in which you keep your car. One key component of any vehicle’s longevity is making sure that the coolant levels stay consistent. Timely maintenance and inspections of your car can ensure that you catch any coolant leaks before something can go seriously wrong.

    There are several potential causes of coolant leaks in Jaguar cars, so in order to keep your vehicle’s performance and engine health lasting longer, keep reading and find out what can cause coolant leaks in your car and be advised of some common signs and symptoms.

    Where to Look for Potential Causes of Coolant Leaks

    Coolant, often colored a bright green or orange, can leak from several parts of the cooling system. Causes of coolant leaks include:

    Damaged Hose

    This is both the most common and the least expensive cause of a coolant leak. If a damaged hose is the source of the leak, replacing it is a relatively simple, quick, and inexpensive fix. Make sure to get your car checked in a timely manner so that an easily-fixable problem like this doesn’t end up causing costly damage from neglect.

    Blown Gasket

    This tends to be a more serious problem. If you have a blown gasket head, not only will you deal with coolant leaks, but coolant can mix with other engine fluids. Coolant can be very corrosive to your engine, and if it mixes with engine oil, it can cause lowered compression in your engine cylinders. Your Jaguar will perform inefficiently and your pistons and other parts will wear down quickly.

    Cracked Radiator

    A cracked radiator, which can be caused by an accident or normal wear and tear, is one of the more expensive issues that can cause coolant leaks. Additionally, this is something that has to be addressed by a licensed mechanic. So as soon as you suspect a coolant leak, take your Jaguar to a trusted shop for inspection and diagnostic testing.

    Worn Water Pump Seal

    The water pump is responsible for facilitating the flow of coolant throughout your engine. When its seal wears out through normal use, coolant leaks can occur and cause multiple issues, including overheating of engine parts as well as other damage to your car.

    Additionally, the water pump in your Jaguar is vital to helping coolant flow through your engine. When the water pump seal wears out over time, it can lead to a coolant leak. This issue needs to be taken care of immediately because if left unattended, you can encounter numerous and more expensive engine issues.

    Identifying a Coolant Leak

    Often, the easiest way to identify if you have a coolant leak is to look for colored coolant, which is usually green or orange. It will pool on the ground where your car is parked. As you now know, however, there are several parts of your car’s cooling system that can be damaged that will cause a coolant leak.

    Generally, a damaged hose will result in an externally-visible coolant leak. Otherwise, you will have an internal leak that doesn’t have the obvious evidence for you to immediately observe. That’s why it’s important to make sure that your car’s engine is cooling properly.

    If you notice that your car’s engine starts to heat up significantly while you are idling or that you start having to fill up your gas tank more frequently, you may have an internal coolant leak. Also, if you see thick, white smoke coming from your exhaust, this may be an indication that your coolant is leaking into the hot components of the engine.

    In the above scenarios, it’s important that a specialist trained to service your Jaguar inspects your vehicle to determine what’s happening inside its cooling system.

    Jaguar Coolant Filling

    Have Your Jaguar Regularly Serviced at Autowerks

    When you own a car that’s able to offer the intricately-engineered performance of a Jaguar, it’s essential that you maintain its health. Coolant, which prevents your engine from overheating, easily prevents significant damage that might otherwise occur.

    With consistent, high-quality service to your Jaguar, you’ll avoid the significant damage that coolant leaks can cause. Have your car inspected by the skilled, knowledgeable automotive specialists at Autowerks. We offer several locations in Brenham, Bryan, Caldwell, Madisonville, Navasota, and College Station, TX. We’ll make sure that each part of your cooling system is as well-maintained as the rest of your car to keep you and your Jaguar safely on the road for years to come.

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