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  • Reasons Behind Tie Rod Failure in Volvos

    Volvo Tie Rod

    One reason why so many drivers prefer Volvo vehicles is because of their superb handling. “Handling” refers to the balance between power, suspension, and steering. A truly great vehicle will have a fine balance of all three. That being said, the steering system in your Volvo relies on the proper functioning of several parts, some of the most important being tie rods. Tie rods connect the power steering system from the center of the car to each outer edge.

    When dealing with failing tie rods, your Volvo will become dangerous to drive. We’re going to hopefully help you avoid disaster by explaining some of the reasons why a Volvo’s tie rods fail and what you can do to fix them before you find yourself in a scary situation you can’t control.

    Warning Signs of Tie Rod Failure

    There are a few common warning signs that indicate the tie rods in your Volvo are failing. It’s your job to keep them in mind when you take your car to an automotive specialist, as they may ask some questions about your experiences while driving and how often you’ve had maintenance done.

    Your car may drift to one side of the road while your wheel is centered

    Oftentimes, when your vehicle is thrown out of alignment, your tie rods get damaged. If the rods are compromised, you may expect the common signs of improper alignment as well, including drifting while driving in a straight line.

    The steering wheel may shake

    The tie rods hold the steering wheel to the wheels themselves, so everything should be tightly secured while driving. If you notice shaking or excessive vibrating of the steering wheel while you drive, your tie rods could be damaged.

    Your tires are worn unevenly

    Because your Volvo’s tires can be knocked out of alignment when your tie rods are damaged, your tires will wear down unevenly. Wear and tear is normal when you drive any car, but the treads on each tire should be worn evenly. If they aren’t, it’s a sign that something else is going wrong beneath the surface.

    Common Reasons Why Tie Rods Fail

    Now that you know how to recognize the signs of tie rod failure, let’s talk about why they may have failed.

    Regular use can cause tie rods to fail over time, as is true of any other part of your Volvo. Everything wears down over time with regular use and will need to be replaced. The more you use your Volvo, the faster your tie rods may break down.

    Collision with an object. When you collide with any object, such as a curb or wheel stop in a parking lot, it has an impact on your car. It may take several times to cause real damage but eventually, something will break. In this case, the object may knock your wheels out of alignment and break your tie rods.

    Going over rough terrain often can cause wheel misalignment and tie rod failure, as a result. This is because the tie rod is connected to your suspension system as well. The abuse done to the suspension system will reflect back on your steering system.

    Resolving Tie Rod Failure in a Volvo

    If your Volvo is experiencing any of these issues and you suspect that your tie rods are failing, Volvo Tie Rod Failure Fix your best course of action is to bring your car to experienced automotive specialists.

    The European car specialists at Autowerks will go above and beyond the competition. Our team has been servicing cars like yours for nearly 45 years. You can trust that your Volvo will be in the most capable hands around. Because Autowerks is independent and family-owned, we understand the importance of spending quality time with your vehicle and of listening carefully to your concerns instead of treating your issue like a one-size-fits-all fix. Big dealerships don’t often take the time to treat their customers as family, and as a result, frustrated drivers have to go back to them in a matter of months to spend more money on a problem that should have been addressed correctly the first time.

    Any driver in need of vehicle repairs located in the following areas of TX should make an appointment with the team at Autowerks today: Brenham, Bryan, Caldwell, Madisonville, Navasota, and College Station. Call (979) 690-3032 to make an appointment.

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