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  • Risks Associated with Driving A Mini with a Broken Motor Mount

    MINI Broken Motor Mount

    A broken motor mount is one of those problems that most MINI drivers have encountered after they’ve had their car a while. Being the reliable car that it is in terms of excellent performance, motor mount issues often put a damper on the MINI driving experience. And that’s not all, as a broken motor mount can pose a risk to your MINI that only immediate repairs can help you avoid. Here’s a brief deep-dive into the motor mount, how it works, and why you should fix it as soon as it shows signs of breakage.

    An Introduction to Motor Mounts

    The motor mount in your MINI is the component responsible for connecting the engine to your car. The engine, being the most important part of any car, needs to be well-secured inside the engine bay. They secure the engine onto the MINIs chassis to prevent it from moving around as the car runs.

    These mounts are also responsible for absorbing any vibrations that come from the engine while it is running. This helps to preserve the other smaller components of the engine from coming under strain from vibrations. This happens when the motor mounts direct the horsepower generated from the running engine into the ground instead of through the entire engine and car.

    Causes of a Broken Motor Mount

    The motor mount in your MINI can break down for many different reasons. The most common reason for motor mount problems is the regular wear and tear that nearly all car parts experience.

    The motor mounts in MINI are often made of rubber. This rubber expands and contracts throughout their life span to a point where they dry out and lose their elasticity. What follows is that the rubber mounts will develop cracks. This is why you should get regular checks of your motor mounts at routine maintenance servicing to ascertain their well-being.

    Another cause of motor mount issues is poor installation. This can happen when you take your MINI to random mechanics without doing your due diligence to investigate their credibility. To avoid this, always go to certified mechanics who know what they are doing and have the right tools for installing mounts.

    In the same vein, you should also get motor mount replacements from auto-shops that only stock manufacturer recommended parts. This will help you avoid the headache of having poor quality motor mounts that will break down faster than usual, costing even more money out of your pocket.

    Accidents from rough driving can also cause the motor mounts to absorb some force from the impact. This can easily create cracks in the motor mounts, causing them to be unable to perform their role of absorbing vibrations.

    Negative Effects of Broken Motor Mounts

    Broken motor mounts often present in several ways in your MINI. One of these signs includes excessive vibrations in the engine compartment. This is as straight-forward as possible. Motor mounts absorb vibrations from the engine from reverberating throughout the engine compartment. Excessive vibrations are also often accompanied by excessive noises. These clunking and knocking noises come from the knocking against the chassis of the car from the point where the rubber mounts may have come loose.

    Another sign of motor mount breakdown is the engine moving around in the engine bay. This can be more pronounced when the engine is working harder like when you’re accelerating or making a sharp turn. There’ll also be knocking sounds from the loosened mounts causing the engine to move side to side or even back and forth. You may also notice your engine vibrating while in idle mode. This is a major problem. You may need a tow into the shop if your MINI gets to this point of a broken motor mount.

    Safety Risks of Broken Motor Mounts

    The main risk associated with broken motor mounts in your MINI is damage to the engine. This happens MINI Motor Mount Check when the motor mounts completely fail and your engine is left to move around in the engine bay. This is not only dangerous for you as the driver but also to other drivers. It also poses a safety hazard. This is why as soon you suspect a motor mount break in your MINI you should find a qualified mechanic to diagnose and fix it.

    At Autowerks, we take pride in helping many foreign car models including MINIs in Brenham, Bryan, Caldwell, Madisonville, Navasota, and College Station, TX. Call us today to schedule your visit, and we’ll work quickly to get you safely back on the road.

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