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  • Signs of DSC Failure in Your Land Rover

    Land Rover Car

    Land Rover created a vehicle over 40 years ago that inspired total confidence regardless of the terrain, resulting in a new generation of adventurers. There is something about this tough and intrepid vehicle that brings out the travel spirit in us all.

    To succeed in the exploration, your Land Rover must be in top shape. If the Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) system is not effectively working the vehicle’s stability and safety are compromised which can lead to a loss of control of the vehicle putting your life at risk.

    Land Rover’s engineers created the state-of-the-art DSC system to give you the confidence to take your Land Rover off the roads of the city and onto any challenging terrain you can imagine.

    This system is responsible for monitoring each individual wheel, controlling the longitude and latitude accelerations using multiple sensors throughout the vehicle, and acting as a control module. It gathers data from multiple locations to maintain ultimate functioning throughout your vehicle. The DSC is constantly performing calculations to ensure the most optimal driving conditions for you.

    Symptoms of a DSC Failure

    A faulty DSC is a common issue with Land Rovers, simply because owners take full advantage of the many opportunities this European beast provides both on and off road. It is vital to watch for any of the symptoms of a possible DSC failure to keep your Land Rover running at the highest level of performance and safety.

    DSC Dashboard Light

    Through natural wear and tear, the DSC system may fail. The first indication is often the dashboard warning light. The light may come on, but then go off, only to come on again later.

    To maintain the optimal safe driving experience, take your Land Rover to a certified auto shop at the first sign of this dashboard light. Failure to do so can result in your vehicle’s battery no longer holding a charge. Other parts of your Land Rover may also be impacted, as the DSC system works in tandem with so many other systems in your vehicle.

    Instability when Driving or Using Cruise Control

    Part of the DSC system’s responsibility is to regulate your Land Rover’s speed based on the road conditions. If you notice fishtailing, hydroplaning, or vehicle drift, you may have a DSC failure.

    Steering Problems

    The DSC system monitors road conditions, regulating the steering. If you start to have problems with your Land Rover’s ability to automatically avoid oversteering or understeering, the DSC system may be failing.

    Anti-Lock Brake (ABS) System Failure

    The ABS system prevents the brakes from locking up when applied heavily which keeps the car from skidding and the driver from losing control. These two systems work together, so if one is failing it is likely the other is failing.

    Causes of DSC System Failure

    Because the DSC works with numerous other systems, there are many reasons for it to malfunction or fail. A Land Rover-certified technician can diagnose and repair the system to ensure your Land Rover functions safely and effectively.

    Low or Faulty Battery

    It might seem surprising, but one of the most common causes behind a DSC failure is a low or faulty battery connection. This is easily diagnosed and corrected by a certified Land Rover technician who can quickly get you back on the road.

    Wheel-Speed Sensors

    The DSC gets information from each individual wheel, so if one of the wheel sensors stops working, the DSC stops getting all the information required to perform adequately. Because of this, the DSC starts to calculate less than optimal driving conditions for your Land Rover.

    Normal Wear and Tear

    Land Rover drivers are some of the most passionate and adventurous drivers. They sometimes see more of a requirement to replace the DSC system than some other drivers. Having a regular maintenance schedule with an auto shop familiar with the nuances of the Land Rover will ensure your vehicle is ready for all adventures.

    Autowerks at Your Service

    Autowerks knows you demand Land Rover DSC Failure Fix the finest in driving performance, which is why we deliver the highest-quality automotive service in the area. Located in College Station and servicing clients in Brenham, Bryan, Caldwell, Madisonville and Navasota, TX, our specialty has been European cars since 1975.

    Our Autowerks technicians will keep your Land Rover in top condition so you can rely on it for every adventure. Autowerks is the only place to bring your Land Rover for meticulous maintenance and repairs from a master’s touch. Call us for an appointment today.

    * Land Rover Car image credit goes to: kurmyshov.

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