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  • Tackling Plastic Guide Rail Failure in Mercedes in College Station

    Black Mercedes-Benz Car

    For many years, Mercedes has been one of the leading brands of German luxury car production. It comes as no surprise that the Mercedes-Benz brand has used its inventions to continuously enhance the driving dynamics, handling, and aesthetics of its cars. One such invention is the plastic guide rail, whose primary purpose is cooperating with the engine’s timing chain to spin correctly and maintain alignment with other systems attached to the engine.

    What is a Plastic guide rail?

    The plastic guide rail isn’t just a Mercedes thing. Nevertheless, Mercedes created this component initially as a replacement for the component’s earlier metal design.

    The guide rail, made of plastic, functions with the engine timing chain to allow other systems connected to the engine to rotate correctly. The guide rail’s purpose is to stop the timing chain from moving or shifting from its place. Due to its crucial role, its failure has disastrous effects on a Mercedes’ overall performance.

    Similar to other Mercedes parts, the plastic guide rail will give out some red flags before it breaks. Ignoring these symptoms could have a detrimental effect on the vehicle and result in severe damage.

    What can shatter the plastic guide rail?

    Although plastic is a better option than metal for guide rails, it has flaws. These are a few:

    • Because problems with your car’s excessive heat can effectively impact the proper functioning of your guide rail, they should be looked into. High temperatures can make the guide rail brittle and likely to break.
    • Your guide rail is known to disintegrate faster than expected at high speeds. Excessive speeds open your guide rail to possible damage and make your engine hotter. If the overheating persists for a long time, heat may even lead it to melt.
    • Minor collisions or jolts that affect the front of the car can also lead to failure because they can suddenly apply too much pressure and strain to the guide rail. It can shatter suddenly if a crash or jarring action makes an impact on it.

    Generally speaking, every component has a shelf life. When there is little to no maintenance, the probability of failure rises. The guide rail is not an exception. A Mercedes expert can continuously check the guide rail during regular maintenance to ensure it is in good condition and capable of supporting the timing chain in maintaining your engine operating as intended. Your guide rail and other parts could break down unexpectedly if you don’t do the maintenance recommended by the manufacturer.

    Indicators of a Failed Guide Rail

    Early detection of a failing guide rail allows you to have it repaired as soon as possible, preventing subsequent issues. Here are a few of its warning signals to assist you in spotting indications of its potential failure:

    • Shaking Sounds: If your automobile starts to shake while driving, your guide rail may be loose.
    • Bits of Plastic Guide in the Oil Tank: There may be plastic guide rail remnants in the oil tank. This material can clog your car’s oil drain and, if it does, seriously harm the engine. The guide rail needs to be changed right away in this situation. You’ll need to tow it into our facility because your engine won’t start without a working guide rail.

    An automobile owner may handle some issues, such as an oil change. Other problems, however, can be rather serious, and they should be taken carefully in conjunction with the engine’s electrical system and component elements. Additionally, the correct tools are required to repair your Mercedes correctly and guarantee its peak performance.

    Let Autowerks Assist You

    It simply makes sense to provide your Mercedes with the most exceptional car care since it is worth its price. Not every auto Mercedes Oil Change technician in College Station is a licensed specialist in Mercedes maintenance. That is why Autowerks is here for you. We can provide you with the most excellent mechanical care for your Mercedes because we are acknowledged experts in their repair. In the capable hands of our team of mechanics, your Mercedes is secure.

    Mercedes drivers in Brenham, Bryan, Caldwell, Madisonville, and Navasota can also take advantage of our services, as we are conveniently located in College Station. Let our experts in German automobiles assist you. To make an appointment for your car’s next service or to find out more, call or come by our workshop.

    * Black Mercedes-Benz Car image credit goes to: franz12.

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