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  • The Importance of 91+ Octane for BMWs from the Best Mechanics in College Station

    BMW 91+ Octane

    Owning and driving a BMW is a luxury that you deserve and have earned. They are high-performance vehicles that do not disappoint. They have an engine under the hood that matches the impressive interior and bold exterior. The BMW you purchased for yourself is unique, and you expect it to continue to perform at an optimal level for as long as possible.

    In order to keep it at this level of performance, one of the things that you can do is use 91+ octane gasoline. Below, you will find out exactly what 91+ octane gas does for your vehicle as well as some tips to consider in regards to this gasoline.

    What is octane?

    The octane rating measures the fuel’s ability to prevent knocking sounds as you are driving. These knocking sounds are caused during the combustion process when the air and fuel mixture combust prematurely. So in order to prevent that, the current octane level gasoline needs to be pumped into your BMW.

    An octane rating is given to the different types of gasoline. You see them every time you pull up to any gas station. They are the bold black numbers with the yellow background. These octane ratings represent the level of gasoline you can select to put into your vehicle.

    The first level you will generally see is an 87, which is a “regular” octane rating. The next step up is a number between 88 and 90. This means that the octane rating is “mid grade.” The highest level is a number between 91 and 94. This number indicates a “premium” octane rating.

    When you fill up your BMW, you always want to choose a premium octane rating because it means more fuel stability under pressure. For the most part, any BMW you drive is going to have a 6-cylinder engine or larger. This means that a higher pressure is going to be required. In order for your BMW to function with this higher pressure, the octane rating has to match. This is why it is important to select “premium” grade octane rating, because it will provide your BMW with the stability it needs to maintain its higher levels of performance.

    Tips to Consider about 91+ Octane

    The first thing you want to always be mindful of is the owner’s manual of your BMW. The owner’s manual will go into detail about why you should use premium octane in your BMW. It is important to follow what the manual advises, because in order to keep your BMW running at the optimal performance level, using a 91+ octane rating is the best way to do it. The owner’s manual will also tell you that using the proper octane rating gasoline, your BMW will function properly for a longer period of time. This means that your BMW will last longer and you will be able to drive it for years because you are appropriately taking care of it.

    It can be tempting to select the “regular” grade octane when you go to fill up your BMW tank. Although this option may seem like the most cost-effective one for your wallet and finances, it is not the best choice for your BMW. Regular octane gasoline will cause a decrease in your BMW’s performance. The regular octane does not work as hard to prevent premature combustion. This means that your BMW is more likely to have a decrease in acceleration time because there will be an increase in unused fuel-to-air mixture due to the early combustion rates. So even though you think you will be saving money in the long run by using regular octane, you will rack up bills in the maintenance department. So it is best to stick with 91+ octane levels in order to preserve the life and performance of your BMW.

    Servicing Your BMW

    Even though you are fueling your BMW with BMW Service91+ octane gasoline, there will come a time in your BMW’s life where it will need maintenance and servicing. Here at Autowerks, we will provide you and your BMW with the best servicing experience. We are conveniently accessible from the areas of Brenham, Bryan, Caldwell, Madisonville, Navasota, and College Station, TX.

    We always have appointments available for you to bring in your BMW to see a trained and certified technician. Our expert technician will use the latest and most up-to-date diagnostic tools to ensure that your BMW is running how it should while using 91+ octane gasoline. You will leave with quality service and a smile.

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