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  • The Warning Signs of an Engine Mount Failure in a Rolls Royce

    Rolls Royce Damaged Engine Mount

    The engine mount is an important bolt that holds the engine firm to the frame of the car. Your Rolls Royce usually has four engine mounts, and these serve a dual purpose. The mounts keep the engine secured, they reduce engine vibration, and they help establish the quiet and comfortable ride you expect from your Rolls.

    What causes the engine mount failure?

    There are several reasons that can cause the engine mount in your Rolls Royce to fail.

    • Aging: Engine mounts are made of rubber. With time, the rubber used in making the motor mount can deteriorate through extreme heat, corrosion, and brittleness. This can cause the engine mounts to break.
    • Wear and tear: Similar to age, simply driving your vehicle each day can put strain on the motor mounts if the roads are rough with potholes, dips, gravel, or other conditions that cause premature failure of the engine mounts.
    • Aggressive driving: Driving aggressively can lead to early damage of the engine components of your Rolls Royce. Fast acceleration and hard braking can damage every part of the car, ranging from tires, brakes, and the engine mount of the vehicle. It is much better to drive sensibly to preserve the longevity of your Rolls Royce. This also improves its gas mileage.
    • Damaged motor mount: This rarely happens to the Rolls Royce engine, but failure of the motor mount can be a result of a defective engine mount during its installation at the factory.

    What are the symptoms of a failed engine mount in Rolls Royce?

    The engine mount of your Rolls Royce holds your engine firmly to the frame of the car. Once a failure occurs, you will notice issues such as back and forth sliding of the engine on acceleration and braking. This will be quite noticeable whenever you try to turn as well, because the entire engine is literally shifting inside the engine bay.

    • Noise: Your car engine may bang or clunk when it slides back or forward, or from side to side, if more than one mount is broken. Since the engine of a car is not level, a broken engine mount will cause the engine to sit at a crooked angle. The torque alone will cause it to try to turn over when it is running. This is a major problem, and a tow is necessary.
    • Vibrations: When it comes to engine mount failure, intensive vibration could be one of its signs. Broken engine mounts can intensify the shaking of the whole car. This may also cause damage to belts and hoses, adding to the expense. This is why it is important to tow your Rolls Royce instead of driving it to a shop. When the engine slides around, it will cause damage to the valves, hoses, seals, and belts.

    If any of your engine mounts fail, you must have them replaced right away. The procedure involved in replacing the engine mount is fairly straightforward. At Autowerks, we have a team of experts that will replace them quickly for you.

    Autowerks Automotive for your Rolls Royce servicing

    Here at Autowerks, we happily provide our esteemed customers with extraordinary service. Rolls Royce Engine Mount Repair We specialize in all auto repair services for your Rolls Royce, including regular maintenance, tune-ups, oil changes, brakes, and more.

    Our company is a European auto repair and service in College Station that was founded in 1975. Autowerks is a family-owned independent automotive service facility that provides an economical alternative to expensive dealer service of European automobiles.

    We offer our services to car owners of European vehicles in and around Texas:

    Our company is located at 4000 Victoria Avenue in College Station, and we are open for your business. We are excited to bring in our unique European expertise to maintain and repair your luxury sports car. We are courteous and believe in personalized service with affordable rates. There is no need to visit an expensive dealership where you are simply a number. Instead, your complete satisfaction with our service is guaranteed and we will treat you with dignity and kindness. Schedule your appointment with us today, as we offer a wide range of services to keep your Rolls Royce performing at its peak condition.

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