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  • Tips to Diagnose Issues in Mercedes Engine From the Best Auto Repair Shop in College Station

    Mercedes Overheating

    Mercedes vehicles are the definition of luxury motoring. With smooth body work, elegant but innovative design features, and a comfortable yet timelessly designed interior, Mercedes exude all that luxury cars should be.

    However, without the correct care and maintenance standards, even the most supreme vehicle can start to fail. In this article we’ll be exploring some of the most common engine issues your vehicle might face, and how to diagnose and deal with them.

    Common Mercedes Engine Issues

    In this list we’ll be looking at the most common engine issues experienced by Mercedes drivers. This will help you to be aware of the signs and symptoms of imminent failure, allowing you to respond quickly to prevent further damage.

    Poor Lubrication

    One of the biggest causes of engine issues, poor lubrication can wreak havoc on your engines interior workings. Poor lubrication is caused by old or low oil levels, and can result in serious engine damage if left unattended. Your engine needs to be lubricated because it is full of moving parts that can rub against each other. The lubrication allows these parts to glide smoothly against one another, thus reducing wear and tear. Your engine oil also helps to reduce friction within the engine, thus reducing excess heat, and helping to prevent overheating.

    Diagnosing this issue is easy — you’ll hear grinding noise coming from under the hood of your Mercedes, and when checking your oil levels, will noticed a lowered level.

    Failed Oil Pump

    If you check your engines oil levels and notice they are correct, but are still experiencing grinding noises, then it is likely your oil pump is at fault. Responsible for circulating the much needed engine oil throughout the engine system, if the pump isn’t working, the oil simply won’t get where it needs to be.

    Expired Oil

    If you notice a drop in engine efficiency and it has been a while since your Mercedes’ last oil change, then it is likely the oil has become old or over-contaminated with deposits and debris. These deposits can settle throughout your engine, and can greatly impact its effectiveness and/or performance.

    Low Compression Levels

    A reduction in performance, such as rough idling or misfires can be caused by low compression levels throughout either the air system or the fuel system (as both air and fuel are required for successful combustion). This type of problem indicates a leak or damage somewhere within the enclosed systems, such as broken valve seals, holes in the cylinder, worn out piston rings, or even faulty sensors.

    Leaking Coolant

    If you notice colored droplets on the ground under the front of your Mercedes when parked, as well as dropping coolant levels, then it is likely you have a coolant leak. Coolant is essential for engine health as it helps to reduce temperatures inside the engine, and prevents overheating which can cause serious engine damage. If ignored, regular overheating can even warp vital parts of the engine, resulting in total engine failure.

    Blocked Radiator

    If your coolant becomes old or was ill-suited to your vehicle it can cause blockages within the radiator system. This will reduce the radiator’s overall performance, and it will not be able to cool down the coolant effectively, resulting in increased risk of overheating.

    Old Spark Plugs

    Spark plugs are essential for igniting the fuel in your Mercedes’ engine. They are hardworking parts, so to ensure they don’t fail suddenly, they need regular servicing and replacement around every 30,000 miles. A failing spark plug will inconsistently ignite fuel, resulting in misfires and false starts as well as rough idling and overall rough running of the engine.


    As you can see, the engine is a complicated Mercedes Engine Check and integral part of your Mercedes that demands care and respect. The number one way to look after your engine is to ensure your Mercedes is regularly serviced by professional mechanics.

    Luckily if you live in or around Station City, TX, AutoWerks is here to help. A family-owned business, our friendly team at AutoWerks have been servicing European vehicles for decades, and with stacks of 5-star reviews and returning customers, it’s clear there is a lot to love about the services AutoWerks provides!

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