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  • What are the Signs of Power Steering Pump Failure in a Mini?

    MINI Slow Steering Wheel

    Mini models require regular service and maintenance to ensure its best performance. Even the finest automobiles can have problems with the countless components that operate together beneath the hood, but there are a few concerns that must be addressed immediately after you observe them. Your vehicle’s power steering pump is one of those components that require regular checks because when a single component malfunctions, it can lead to harmful results that can cause problems elsewhere in your Mini.

    With that in mind, if you observe an issue with the power steering pump, bring your Mini in for inspection right away. Allow our Mini experts to perform the repairs. Never attempt to repair anything as critical as power steering problems yourself, as it can further complicate the problem and cost more in the long run to repair.

    The Importance of a Power Steering Pump

    Your Mini model makes it very easy for you to rotate the steering wheel, allowing you to control a thousand-pound car with minimal steering wheel movement. The mechanism that permits this is the power steering.

    Your vehicle’s power steering translates your minute motions of the steering wheel into massive axle movements. This enables the front wheels to respond to the movements you direct through the steering wheel.

    The power steering pump is the backbone of the steering mechanism. This component pressurizes the hydraulic fluid, which assists the driver in turning the steering wheel. Any motorist would have a tough time turning their car if their power steering pump fails to respond. The pump does more than simply pressurize the hydraulic fluid; it also circulates it so that the fluid can travel effectively throughout the whole system.

    Without this pump, the gears required to engage the wheel would most likely not function at all. As a result, turning your vehicle, and even changing lanes, will be difficult. If you detect any of the symptoms of a failing power steering pump in your Mini, do not waste time. Bring it to our mechanics immediately. Driving without power steering is risky for you, your passengers, and other drivers on the road.

    Signs of a Failing Power Steering Pump

    Now that we’ve discussed the significance of this component, let’s take a look at some of the usual symptoms that indicate a faulty power steering pump. Thankfully, most of these indicators are visible, given how important the power steering pump is to the movement of your car. Do not hesitate to take your vehicle to a repairer if you notice any of the following signs:

    • The Wheel’s Movement Becomes More Difficult: Your car will be significantly more difficult to maneuver if the steering pump is not functional. If you suddenly feel as if you’re turning your vehicle with the strength of your arms, it’s probable that your power steering and its pump have failed. If this occurs, try to safely move your vehicle to the roadside.
    • Groaning or Squeaking Noise As You Move The Wheel: If you hear a squeaky noise every time you try to move the steering wheel, it means the pump has some faults. Controlling the steering should be effortless, and the pump should circulate the fluid in such a way that you do not have to strain your arms while steering.
    • Slow Steering Wheel: Pay attention to the steering response. If you attempt to turn your car but notice a delay before anything happens, this is a strong indication that something is wrong with your power steering pump. You may want to tow your Mini to our mechanics as soon as you detect steering problems.

    Autowerks For Your Mini’s Needs!

    At Autowerks, we understand how MINI Power Steering Pumpimportant your power steering pump is to your driving experience. Our licensed experts have worked on a variety of cars for many years and have the expertise and tools necessary for your Mini model.

    If you live in Brenham, Bryan, Caldwell, Madisonville, Navasota, or College Station, TX or the nearby communities, stop by our shop to find out more about our services and to speak with our friendly staff. Book an appointment or call us now to get your Mini back on the road safely so you can drive with confidence.

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