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  • When Your BMW’s Fuel Injectors Need Service from Experts in College Station

    BMW Used Fuel Injector

    The fuel injectors in your BMW require regular cleaning and servicing to keep your vehicle running optimally. You should refer to your maintenance schedule to determine when to have your fuel injector serviced, as this can vary per model. However, there are some factors that can cause your BMW to need fuel injector servicing prematurely. These factors include your driving habits, how well you adhere to your maintenance schedule, and the conditions that you typically drive in. In this article, we’ll discuss these factors in-depth and give you tips to recognize when your BMW’s fuel injectors may need servicing as well as where to go to have it done.

    Function of a Fuel Injector

    The function of the fuel injectors in your BMW is quite simple: they inject a precise amount of fuel into your engine to start the combustion process and optimize your fuel efficiency and engine performance.

    Warning Signs of Failing Fuel Injectors

    When your BMW’s fuel injectors begin to malfunction or fail, you will notice a few changes in your driving experience and your vehicle’s performance:

    Your fuel efficiency will decrease

    When the fuel injectors are not working properly, too much fuel could be injected into the engine at one time, wasting it and causing you to need to fill up your tank more frequently. This can hurt your wallet as well as your engine, so take note of any changes in your gas mileage.

    Rough running and rough starting

    When the fuel injectors use too much or too little fuel at one time, your BMW will have trouble starting and running as it should. It will also cause problems with acceleration.

    You can smell the fuel in your BMW

    When this happens, it could be that your fuel injectors are causing fuel to leak. This can be dangerous, as fuel is extremely flammable. It’s possible that this leak could light your engine on fire in extreme cases, so it’s important to get the injectors serviced as soon as possible.

    Reasons Behind Fuel Injector Failure in a BMW

    If your BMW’s fuel injectors are malfunctioning or failing, there are three common reasons why:

    You haven’t been adhering to your BMW’s maintenance schedule

    For any vehicle to run smoothly, you need to maintain all of the parts consistently. Neglecting one part can cause others to fail, including the fuel injectors. It’s crucial that you check your driver’s manual and keep a maintenance schedule if you want to avoid these issues.

    You aren’t using high-quality fuel

    BMWs require fuel that will optimize the engine’s performance while keeping the engine itself free of dirt and deposits. If you use lower quality fuel, you risk clogging up your engine, which can lead to a whole host of problems, including the failure of the fuel injectors.

    Your fuel filters are dirty

    The fuel filters in your BMW work to keep most deposits and debris out of your engine. This being said, the filters themselves become dirty and clogged as a result. This is a kind of chain reaction in which dirty fuel affects filters, and the filters negatively impact the fuel injectors.

    Regular wear and tear

    The more that you drive, the more the parts in your BMW will wear down over time. This is normal, but these parts will need to be serviced or replaced eventually. It is inevitable. The fuel injectors are not an exception to this rule.

    BMW Fuel Injector Check

    Servicing Your Fuel Injectors

    When your BMW’s fuel injectors need servicing, you can trust the automotive experts at Autowerks to help. We have specialized in the maintenance of European vehicles since 1975 and are completely confident that you’ll be satisfied with the services that we provide. BMW owners located in the following areas of Texas can find Autowerks nearby:

    ● College Station

    If you would like to ask questions about the services that Autowerks can provide for you or make an appointment with our automotive technicians, please call (979) 364-0942 or (979) 690-3032 for the Madisonville location. You can also schedule an appointment online. Because you demand the finest driving performance, Autowerks provides the finest automotive service.  We look forward to becoming your trusted BMW maintenance and repair shop.

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