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  • Who to Visit When Your Porsche Suffers from Brake Drag

    Porsche Brake Drag Problem

    Brake drag refers to the situation where the brake pads and rotors in a vehicle do not separate fully after the driver has released the brake pedal. This results in the brake pads continually rubbing against the rotor, which causes excessive wear, increased heat, and reduced fuel economy. In Porsches, brake drag is a common issue that can occur due to various reasons. In this article, we will discuss the signs and reasons for brake drag in a Porsche.

    Signs of Brake Drag in a Porsche

    One of the most apparent signs of brake drag is a burning smell coming from the wheels after driving the Porsche. This burning smell results from the brake pads constantly rubbing against the rotors, generating excessive heat, and burning the brake pads.

    Another sign of brake drag is the Porsche’s wheels feeling hot to the touch after driving, even for short distances. Additionally, the driver may notice the car pulls to one side or feels like it is slowing down without their input.

    Also, watch out for reduced fuel economy. This occurs because the brake pads remain in contact with the rotors, causing increased resistance that the engine must work harder to overcome. Consequently, the engine burns more fuel, resulting in reduced fuel economy.

    Reasons for Brake Drag in a Porsche

    • Sticking Brake Caliper: A brake caliper is a hydraulic component that applies pressure to the brake pads to slow down or stop your Porsche. When a caliper fails to release the brake pads after the driver has released the brake pedal, it results in brake drag. The main reason for brake caliper failure is corrosion, which can cause the caliper’s piston to seize in its bore, preventing it from retracting fully. Other reasons for caliper failure include damage to the caliper’s rubber seals, contamination of the brake fluid, and a malfunctioning brake hose.
    • Warped Brake Rotor: Warped rotors are another common cause of brake drag in Porsches. The rotors’ warpage can occur due to excessive heat, uneven wear, or improper installation. When the rotors are warped, they no longer have a flat surface for the brake pads to make contact with, resulting in brake drag. In extreme cases, warped rotors may need to be replaced to resolve brake drag.
    • Worn Brake Pads: As brake pads wear down, they can become lodged in the caliper bracket, preventing them from retracting fully. This results in brake drag, as the brake pads continue to rub against the rotor. Worn brake pads can also result in other issues, such as reduced stopping power, increased stopping distances, and noise.
    • Contaminated Brake Fluid: Brake fluid is an essential component in a Porsche’s braking system, as it transfers hydraulic pressure from the brake pedal to the brake calipers. Contamination of the brake fluid can cause brake drag, as the fluid becomes less effective at transferring pressure. The main causes of brake fluid contamination include water absorption, rust, and debris.
    • Improperly Installed Brake Components: When brake components are not installed correctly, they can cause brake drag. For example, if the brake pads are not properly aligned, they may bind against the rotor, causing drag. Similarly, if the caliper bolts are not tightened correctly, the caliper may twist, causing the brake pads to rub against the rotor.

    Autowerks will Resolve Your Porsche’s Brake Drag Problem

    Brake drag is a common issue that Porsche owners may encounter. It is important to address brake drag promptly, as Porsche Brake Pad Replacement it can result in increased wear and tear on the braking system, reduced fuel economy, and compromised safety. Signs of brake drag in a Porsche include burning smells, hot wheels, pulling to one side, and reduced fuel economy. The reasons for brake drag in a Porsche include sticking brake calipers, warped rotors, and worn brakes. Allow our master mechanics to get to the root of the problem.

    We proudly serve clients in and around Brenham, Bryan, Caldwell, Madisonville, Navasota, and College Station, TX so stop in today to speak with our friendly staff about your Porsche’s needs. We have your back for maintenance, tuneups, service, and on-demand problems that pop up from time to time. Allow us to return your Porsche to the Texas roads in top condition! Give us a call today.

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