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  • How to Handle a Coolant Reservoir Failure in a Jaguar

    Jaguar Engine Overheating

    The Jaguar brand develops technical faults with their car’s parts from time to time. One of these is the coolant reservoir. A coolant reservoir failure is quite common with Jaguars. This is why you should be aware of the possible causes of this issue and the solution if it ever arises.

    The coolant reservoir is a component in your Jaguar that holds the coolant needed by your engine to function maximally, giving you optimal results. The coolant that is stored and provided to the car engine when needed is what keeps your car at the proper temperature that it needs to operate at it’s best.

    It is evident from these functions that the coolant reservoir is an important component in your Jaguar, and when it develops a fault, your car could suffer major issues like overheating, fuel leak, engine misfiring and other threatening issues. Hence, only a repair or replacement can solve this issue.

    Causes of Coolant Reservoir Failure

    • Parts Wear Out: It is normal for your car to develop faults after you have used it for a long time. When car parts have been in use for a long period, they begin to wear out and become weak and less efficient. It is the same for the coolant reservoir. A lengthy duration of being in use could tell on a coolant reservoir and cause it to wear out, causing a failure in its functions.
    • Overheating: When too much heat is generated in your car or the temperature in your car is not regulated and properly controlled, overheating is bound to happen. When overheating happens with any car, it affects the major parts of the car like the engine where the coolant reservoir is located. When this happens, the coolant reservoir becomes weak under the pressure of too much heat and begins to fail in its functions.
    • Poor Function of Parts: The coolant reservoir consists of parts that work together to achieve its optimal fun These components include the pump, tubes, tank, etc. When anything goes wrong with any of these parts, there would be a coolant reservoir failure. When you notice a fault with any of its parts, call the attention of a technician immediately.

    Signs of a Failing Coolant Reservoir

    • Coolant Leaks: One obvious way to detect a coolant reservoir failure in your Jaguar is leaking fluids. When your car is parked and you notice leakages of fluids with the colors pink, red, orange or blue, it most likely is a coolant reservoir failure. Coolants are generally of these bright colors so they can be easily noticed when they leak, unlike other car fluids (fuel, engine oil, lubricant, etc.) which are either brown or black. This is a sign that your car requires help urgently from a certified Jaguar technician.
    • Overheating: This is also one of the very obvious signs of a failing coolant reservoir in a car. When your Jaguar begins to exude excessive heat, the temperature in your engine bay cannot be controlled. When your car suffers overheating, it is an indication of a coolant reservoir failure. When you notice this, quickly turn off your car and park it in a safe area. Call us for a tow.
    • Coolant Warning Light: Your Jaguar has a feature known as the coolant warning light. When your car suffers a failing coolant reservoir, it would demand the use of more coolant in the engine within short periods. Each time this refill is needed, your car would alert you through the coolant warning light. When the warning light comes on, your car is in need of inspection and parts replacement.

    How to Handle a Coolant Reservoir Failure in Your Jaguar

    The two options to fixing a coolant Jaguar Coolant Reservoir Checkreservoir failure in your Jaguar are either to repair it or replace it, depending on the extent of the damage. Either option requires the services of an expert.

    Autowerks employs only certified and skilled mechanics, who are ready to meet your car’s needs. Since 1975, we have been servicing customers with expertise in European vehicles. We have earned the trust of drivers in Bryan, Caldwell, Madisonville, Navasota, College Station, and TX by providing them with top-notch services. Reach out to us today to service your Jaguar to keep it in top condition.

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