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  • Signs of Thermostat Housing Failure in Jaguar From Expert Mechanics in College Station

    Jaguar Thermostat Housing

    Jaguars are elegant vehicles that provide high-end performance. They are sleek and offer drivers a smooth comfortable ride. Although they are one of the highest-quality vehicles on the road, they are still known to experience failure with the thermostat housing.

    What is the thermostat housing in a Jaguar?

    The thermostat housing is a protective case located on the engine’s thermostat. Coolant flows through the thermostat housing to the radiator. The warm coolant from the engine is cooled once again inside the radiator before circulating through the engine again.

    Signs of Thermostat Housing Failure in a Jaguar

    The thermostat housing is a vital component that helps ensure the optimum performance of your vehicle. Over time, the thermostat housing can become damaged and fail. Below are some of the common symptoms of thermostat housing failure.

    Overheating Engine: When the thermostat housing fails, coolant can leak out. When the coolant is running low, it will not be able to properly cool the engine by circulating through it. This causes your engine to overheat. Never drive your Jaguar with an overheating engine. In doing so, you can cause permanent engine damage and complete engine failure.

    A Coolant Leak: If the housing is allowing coolant to leak, coolant can often be found around the housing and the nearby hoses. If you have a major leak, you may also notice a coolant puddle on the ground under your car. Coolant is usually bright in color and has a sweet smell.

    Common Causes of Thermostat Housing Failure

    The main reason for thermostat housing failure is everyday wear and tear. The housing is made of plastic that can become brittle. Over time, the housing can crack allowing coolant to escape.

    Preventing Thermostat Housing Failure

    If your Jaguar already has a damaged thermostat housing, it needs to be replaced. However, if you are looking for ways to reduce the chance of thermostat housing failure in the future, there are some things you can do.

    Regular Maintenance: When you have regular maintenance performed, you are giving your mechanic the opportunity to look your Jaguar over. This gives them the chance to spot issues before they become major problems.

    Replace the Thermostat Housing: In some Jaguars, the thermostat and housing were separate parts. Ask your mechanic about the benefits of replacing these components with an integrated unit.

    Is it safe to drive with a defective thermostat housing?

    We do not recommend you continue driving your car with a damaged or failing thermostat housing. The housing is a critical component for keeping your engine cool and running at optimum temperature.

    If your Jaguar has a defective thermostat housing, you can be losing coolant. Having the proper coolant level is critical for keeping the engine cool. If too much coolant escapes, your engine can overheat leading to complete engine failure. If the engine overheats and your car breaks down, you can get into a serious accident.

    In some instances, the electronic control module will detect the issue causing your Jaguar to go into limp mode. Limp mode is a self-preservation mode which turns off all unnecessary features. This can cause your Jaguar to slow down on its own. When limp mode is engaged, you need to move your car off the road as quickly and safely as possible.

    We Provide Complete Jaguar Services

    At Autowerks, we provide complete Jaguar services. You drive a high-end luxury vehicle, and we want you to be able to enjoy it for many years to come. Our mechanics are ASE Certified and highly-experienced in the intricate systems of your Jaguar.

    You do not have to take your Jaguar to a dealership for service. Many dealerships make you believe that this is the case. However, we can perform the same maintenance program at a fraction of the cost. Our service center is equipped with the latest equipment and factory-grade materials available. This gives us the ability to handle all your needs while keeping your Jaguar 100% original.

    Autowerks is Here to Help You

    If you believe that your Jaguar is Jaguar Thermostat Inspection showing signs of thermostat housing failure, call us today. At Autowerks we are always prompt, courteous, and provide personalized service. We guarantee complete satisfaction with every visit. We are conveniently located for drivers in the Brenham, Bryan, Caldwell, Madisonville, Navasota, and College Station, TX. Contact us today for an appointment.

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