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    Audi Catalytic Converter

    Audi is one of the most sought-after luxury vehicle brands on the market. Even though the Audi is popular, well-made, and technologically advanced, they have their fair share of issues during ownership. All cars need regular inspections, maintenance and repairs, and parts replacements.

    If you are concerned about the health of your catalytic converter, keep reading to find out potential warning signs, why it might go bad, and what it does in your vehicle.

    The Importance of the Catalytic Converter

    A catalytic converter is part of the exhaust system. Most cars have a catalytic converter, but many actually have dual catalytic converters, one for each set of pipes. It is positioned between the muffler and the manifold. Its job is to filter out or convert harmful gases the vehicle creates before leaving the car and entering the atmosphere.

    These harmful gases include carbon monoxide, nitric oxide, and unburned hydrocarbons. You may have noticed that emission tests are part of yearly inspections in many states now. Hence, the catalytic converter is an essential part of the vehicle.

    Why does a catalytic converter go bad?

    Typically, catalytic converters last the vehicle’s lifetime. It is rare for them to go bad. However, it does happen, and it is usually because of a type of engine issue when it happens. This is not great news when you think there may be a problem, because that means you may have multiple issues to deal with at once.

    Some of the other problems that may have caused an issue with the catalytic converter include a failed O2 sensor, incorrect air-to-fuel mixture, bad spark plugs, or bad engine timing.

    Warning Signs of a Failing Catalytic Converter

    When the catalytic converter is dying or is already gone, there are some symptoms to watch out for. Here are the top 6 signs that you are experiencing issues with your catalytic converter and that it may be time to reach out to your vehicle technician for an appointment.

    • Check engine light is illuminated: One of the first signs you may notice is that your check engine light comes on. However, this could be for several different reasons. When your check engine light is on, you should contact your mechanic and set an appointment. They will be able to hook your car up to the diagnostic computer to get a readout of what issues your engine is experiencing.
    • Rotten egg smell coming from exhaust: Whereas the check engine light can mean many things, this smelly symptom is typically all about the catalytic converter. If you suddenly notice a foul smell coming from your exhaust, such as the smell of rotting eggs, it is an indication that the catalytic converter is not doing its job. Remember, the catalytic converter is supposed to convert harmful gases into safe emissions. When there is a bad smell or different, darker-colored exhaust, something is not working at optimal performance levels which is dangerous to you and the environment.
    • You hear a rattling noise: When you hear a rattling noise coming from under your vehicle, this can be due to a damaged catalytic converter because of excessive heat. The rattling you hear can be from pieces of the honeycomb material of the catalytic converter moving around as they break off from the catalytic converter.
    • Experiencing poor acceleration: Poor acceleration is a common symptom with this problem. This symptom occurs because the engine depends on good exhaust flow to operate optimally. When the exhaust flow is incorrect, the engine can not run at peak power. This is a symptom you will notice when trying to accelerate quickly, like merging with traffic on the highway or passing another vehicle.
    • Having reduced fuel economy: Another issue you may notice is reduced fuel economy. If you see you are filling up your gas tank more often, this may be because of reduced airflow, causing your vehicle to burn fuel at an increased level.
    • Failing an emissions test: Finally, you may know there is an issue with the catalytic converter because you fail an emission test. There can be other reasons for this, but the most common problem is a bad catalytic converter.

    Trust The Technicians At Autowerks For All Your Vehicle Needs

    If you think you may be experiencing Audi Catalytic Converter Replacement trouble with your catalytic converter or are just looking for a new automobile technician, Autowerks is here to help. We service vehicles in Brenham, Bryan, Caldwell, Madisonville, Navasota, College Station, TX. No repair is too difficult for us, and we specialize in European cars. Give us a call today to set up a convenient appointment!

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