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  • Tips to Identify Volvo Cooling Fan Module Failure

    Volvo Engine Overheating

    Volvo is known worldwide for safety, efficiency, and manufacturing quiet models. With fantastic engineering, you can expect clean precision whenever you get behind the wheel. You do not expect to hear strange sounds coming from your Volvo engine. If your Volvo engine makes unusual noises, you may have a faulty cooling fan module. Here are some tips to identify Volvo cooling fan module failure.

    Signs of Trouble

    When engines overheat, they shut down. A sensor monitors the coolant in your engine and shuts down the engine if the temperature gets too high so that the engine does not suffer damage. The automatic shutoff is also an important safety feature for anyone in the car. If your car engine is overheating, your cooling fan module may fail. Another similar sign is if your engine cooling fan runs constantly. A constantly running fan indicates that it is not keeping up with the workload, or if the engine is cold, it cannot switch off. Both of these issues may suggest that your cooling fan module is failing, and you should replace it.

    Pay close attention to the airflow in your Volvo. If you have a constant stream of warm air from the cabin vents, it strongly suggests you have a failing cooling fan module. A failing cooling fan module may also make grinding or squeaking sounds when it runs, which are signs of mechanical wear or damage. Erratic running is another sign of cooling fan damage. If your fan runs, even when the car has long stopped, it shows cooling fan module problems.

    Finally, a problem with your cooling fan module can cause your dashboard check engine light to come on while driving. If you notice your check engine light is on and cannot immediately rule out other possibilities, you should check your car out immediately to find out if you have a problem with your cooling fan module.

    Common Causes of Cooling Fan Module Failure

    Your Volvo cooling fan module may fail for many reasons. One of the more common reasons is bad wiring. Your Volvo has wires connecting the cooling fan module to the engine. These wires can break due to heat or wear and tear. When they break down, they cause the cooling fan and engine to lose connection, cutting them off from power, which leads to an overheated engine. Other faulty fan wires also cause the cooling fan module to break down, which can cause your Volvo to overheat. If you have a blown fuse in your car, it can cause a cooling fan motor to fail, too. You may notice this when the motor surges or fails, like when you simultaneously turn on too many outlets.

    Your cooling fan may also have a faulty sensor. Your car’s temperature sensor monitors the temperature of the coolant and radiator. If this sensor begins malfunctioning, the radiator can overheat. You also have a pressure sensor connected to your cooling fan module. If your pressure sensor on the air-conditioning condenser fails, it will cause the engine cooling fan to run at a constant high speed. A particular engine coolant runs your engine’s temperature monitoring system. When the coolant level is low, it also causes fan failure. Check the coolant reservoir to ensure the level is up to the mark.

    How to Prevent Cooling Fan Module Failure

    Coolant fan modules can be tricky to manage and are frequently replaced rather than repaired due to Volvo Cooling Fan Module Check cost-effectiveness. However, you can do a few things to help prevent your cooling fan module from failing. First, be sure to maintain airflow. Take the time to clean the radiator and surrounding area regularly. Next, be aware of driving conditions. When driving in extreme weather conditions, your cooling fan module must work harder to maintain the engine temperature. Finally, avoid prolonged exposure to high temperatures as much as possible. If you follow these steps to keep your cooling system, you may prevent the risk of premature component failure.

    Is your Volvo fan always running or running erratically? Are you concerned about the temperature levels in your engine? If so, contact us at Autowerks, where our Volvo-certified technicians are ready to help you find the best option to get your Volvo back into finely tuned shape. We have shops near Brenham, Bryan, Caldwell, Madisonville, Navasota, and College Station, TX. We specialize in European cars, and no repair is too difficult for us to do for you.

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